Monday, October 12, 2015

Picture Perfect

To me, this picture is a beautiful representation of how much my life has changed in less than one short year.

I am so grateful for all the new experiences thus far and the truly wonderful people that have shared in those along the way.

photo taken by @Depraved_Eros on Fetlife

To Heron, I think this photo served as inspiration to remind me just how torturous this darn little wand could be!  Saturday night he pulled it out for a little"fun", but that's a story for another post😊


  1. Yummy. Who is the lucky girl in the background?

    1. Ha! I debating putting that in the post. But changed my mind...wanted to see how long it took someone to notice. Didn't take long I see...

      That my friend would be Chrysalis:)

    2. Perhaps...that is a story for another post as well:)

  2. Such beauty,

    he's a skilled photographer as well

  3. I am glad you like it DtBHC!

    We still haven't received all the pics yet but so far these are the only two that don't show our faces. He is extremely good at what he does and it makes me sad not to be able to share all of them with you all because I am in love with each and every shot.

  4. Glad to hear everything is fine with you, take care