Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Popular Post

Last week I posted My Pussy Doesn't Betray Me...She's Just Stupid.  Well, not only did I post that here on my blog but I had posted it on Fetlife as well.

I was absolutely amazed at what a huge success it was!

The comments and messages on Fet were flooding in from women all over with similar stories.  I can't even describe what an awesome feeling it was to have written something that connected with so many. 

One of the messages I received was from Perverted Podcast asking if they could use my post as a topic on their show.

WHOA!!  How cool is that??

Of course, then I was like wait...what exactly is a podcast and how do they work? 

So I have now listened to a podcast for the first time and thought I would share with all of you if you are interested.  Here's the's about 20-30 minutes into the show when they talk about my post. I couldn't help but laugh when they referred to Heron as my "boyfriend".  If they only knew...

Hopefully the link works. If it doesn't, let me know.



Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Pussy Doesn't Betray Me...She's Just Stupid

And here all these years, I've been thinking it was some deep-rooted psychological phenomenon.

Well, last night I finally figured it all out as I was straddling Heron, riding his cock. I couldn't help but notice she was a bit dry which is weird because that's not typically an issue.

Anyways, a few minutes go by and I lean over, pressing my body up against him so that we are face to face. He'd been relatively quiet up until that point but then he asked me (in ya know..THAT voice), "Are you ready to be punished this weekend?".

Whoooaaaa! Hold the phone...What the heck just happened here?

My body froze and I began tallying a mental list of what I might have done or might not have done.
Beginning to realize the list is perhaps just a bit longer than I thought, I also realize something else as soon as I resume rocking my hips.

She is now getting EXTREMELY squishy down there.


Please believe me when I say...I REALLY don't like punishment of any kind. That whole disappointment in myself is a real bitch and I'm usually crying like a little kid before it even starts.
So back to the fucking and his list of the intended consequences.

"You know what the punishment is when you forget the coat hangers, right?"
"Yes, Sir". SQUISH

"Do you think if I punish your ass, you will remember next time?"

"Do you think if I punish your tits, you will remember next time?"
"Yes, Sir". OH GOD, why is she making this worse for me??

"Do you think if I punish your cunt, you will remember next time"
"Yes, Sir". By now, he must feel like he's fucking a mop bucket. These sounds are so embarrassing

Of course, he couldn't help but point out her reaction to his threats which didn't help matters at all.
That's when it all occurred to me. It's not that she is betraying me, giving away some dark dirty secret that deep down I actually enjoy punishment.

She's just THAT damn stupid. Without understanding a single word, she hears that tone in his voice, and the poor little thing just gushes.

Think of it like talking to your dog. You can tell your little pooch that he's the filthiest most vile creature in the world for eating the crotch out of your most expensive panties and that you are going enjoy killing his sorry ass.

BUT say it with a sweet voice, and he just looks at you so lovingly, with ears perked and tail wagging. Why...because he doesn't understand a damn word you just said. He's just happy to have your attention.

So there you have it. Apparently my pussy is an attention whore with a really low IQ.