Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dildo and Traffic

So, you may be wondering what the two words in the title of this blog post have in common or maybe you already know exactly how this story goes.  Well, if not...it's simple.  It has to do with the task Master assigned for me this week.  Now, let me back up for a minute.

After a weekend of nothing but blowjobs for Master, last night was an amazing night of pleasing and teasing Master with first my mouth, then my pussy.  While having me in down dog position and taking me from behind, I had the pleasure of not only feeling His cock in me but also a dildo in my ass.  Honestly, I can't remember if He has ever done this to me but it was awesome!  You have no idea how those weekend blowjobs have me so fired up, completely swollen and dripping with desire.  Thankfully, He granted me permission to come.  You have no idea how much I have come (haha...no pun intended) to appreciate my orgasms as they are so few are far between right now.  I never thought I would actually thank Him afterwards, but I find the words come very easily now. 

Anyways, after He finished with me, He informs me that I will be back on orgasm restriction the rest of this week...with some caveats.  First, I will in no way have His cock back inside my pussy this week.  If I am lucky, I will have the privledge of having it in my mouth or my ass.  Next, NOTHING (not even my little pinky finger by accident) is to touch my clit, or face my worst punishment yet. 

Here comes the good part.  Each day, I am to drive to work and drive back hom with a dildo inside me.  I am under no circumstances to allow myself an orgasm!  uurrggg...... this is going to be another long week.

So today, I get in my car to go to work.  Pull the dildo I have neatly wrapped in a bag, and insert it and head on my way.  It was a little uncomfortable at first, I think because I was so well used last night.  But honestly, I am barely awake in the mornings until I have had my coffee so it didn't really do much for me one way or the other...it was just there.  I pulled up in the parking lot at work, took it out, put it back in my bag, and cleaned it up in the ladies room. 

Now this afternoon was a little different story.  I pulled out of the parking lot and as I am leaving, realize oops, gotta get the dildo!  At the first stop light, in it goes.  Good thing for the skirt and no panty rule:)  Well now, doesn't this feel pretty good and just the thought of doing something naughty and dirty is exciting!  Really, I surprise myself at the wanton slut I have become.  I made my usual call to Master and told Him how much I was enjoying my ride home and He reminded me not to enjoy it too much.  All the way home, which is usually no less than a 40 minute ride, I had plenty of time to rock back and forth on it just because it felt so good pressed deep inside.  I could even press down harder on the seat to make it go in further and feel the vibrations of the car reverberating inside me.  Of course, then the random thought would cross my mind, "How embarrassing would this be if I was in a car accident".  But I would just go back to distracting myself again with more rocking.  So, for those of you who can't stand being stuck in traffic, maybe a dildo would make it more bearable:)

Oh and one more thing.  Going over the speed bumps in my neighborhood never felt so good!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Punishment Positions

I received a message from one of my readers on Saturday inquiring about some pictures I had promised in an earlier post comment.  Well, I was certainly called to the carpet on that!  LOL.  Things have just gotten away from me, and quite frankly Master and I haven't had a whole lot of time since most of our "play" time has been spent on training. 

However, I do aim to please so we took a couple pictures during position training later that day.  My Master wanted me to post these two photos specifically to show a couple of other examples of "punishment" positions.  As another reader commented in my post "Damn Hairclip", plank position and wall squats are also great "punishments".

Now, I talked about these two dreaded positions in "Position Training and Acceptance of Pain".  If you haven't tried them, they look easy...right?  Ha, I think not (at least not for me).  Notice in each, legs are held about 6 inches off the ground.  The only difference is that one is with legs opened and one is with legs closed.  Try continuously alternating and holding each without dropping your feet until your Master instructs you to stop and see if that doesn't feel like punishment.  These actually make me break out in a sweat...partially from exertion but mainly because I know I just earned myself another punishment for putting my feet down:)



Thursday, April 25, 2013

Damn Hairclip!

If you have read my Rules, then you know I have to wear my hair up everyday and I must have my hair in a a pony tail or pig tails at "bedtime".  Now some days, I will wear my hair up in a clip but I have been explicitly told that I am not to wear that "DAMN CLIP" in the bedroom.  Today's post isn't anything fancy...I am just hoping that writing about last night's punishment will help me remember.

It was late, I quickly came to bed and He was already waiting there for me.  I knew that it was a blowjob kind of night so I undressed, hopped in bed, and started taking care of business.  Then it hits me.  I forgot the "DAMN CLIP" again.  Now, I have been fair warned so I know that I deserve the punishment I am sure to get when he reaches down and touches my head.

Yep...about 2 minutes in, he cups the clip.  No time is even wasted, he orders me to sit up in kneeling position and pulls out the clover clamps out of the bedside drawer.  He attaches them snuggly on my nipples and I am to complete His pleasure with them on.  Now, my nipples are already so sore from alot of activity earlier in the week but I muddle through the 30 minutes it takes before He comes.  I thought this would be the end, but NO! I should realize He is way too creative for just that.  He instructs me to hold His come in my mouth as He removes the clamps and tells me to go to the closet.  There, I receive 10 licks on my ass with the switch and He tells me I did not earn the right to swallow and must go spit it in the toilet.  He has never said that before and I think that shocked me more than anything. 

Well, hopefully another lesson learned.  With my memory...it just might be safer not to wear the "DAMN CLIP" at all:)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Interrogation: Final Part

Approaching the bathtub, I think how sweet He is to be drawing me a warm bath.  Only, I notice He places His hand on the cold water knob, never touching the hot.  I look at Him questioning as He fills the bottom of the tub and orders me to get in.  A nervous giggle escapes my mouth wondering if He really means for me to get into ice cold water.  Oh yes!!…the burning look in His eyes says all I need to know!  I sadly realize the game is not over but has actually just reached checkmate.

As hard as it is, I comply and step in but that’s not enough.  God, it’s so cold as I lower my body down to sit and I start shaking uncontrollably.   As the water continues to fill the tub, I wonder how long I will be expected to endure this “torture”.  He turns to the shower (which is separate from the tub) and turns on the hot water.  Once steam appears, He orders me out of the tub and into the shower. 

Ahhh….the hot water stings my cold skin but feels delicious.  I stand there relishing the feeling and not ever wanting to get out.  Once again fooled into thinking I have succeeded, I am surprised when He opens the door grabs, my arm and pulls me back towards the tub.  This time as I sit down in the water, which is now almost chest deep, it is so unbearably cold.  I’m not even sure where my mind goes, but it’s as if I go into shock.  I just sit unable to think clearly or even move.

Again, back into the shower.  My senses start reawaken and I am so grateful for the sting of the hot water.   This time, when the shower door opens, I am already starting to freak out at the thought of going back into harsh cold water.  As he tries to force me back in the tub, before I can even think about it, His real name slips from my mouth as I beg Him for no more and try to pull away.  My thoughts so lost at this point, I don’t even remember that I have a number that can end this game...much less what the number is.   Realizing I had reached my breaking point, He stops the scene immediately.  He gently puts His arms around me, pulls me to His chest, and I start to sob. 

Once I have composed myself a bit, He allows me to get back into the shower for as long as I need while He disappears to make some tea.  All I can think is “how did all this just happen!”, yet kicking myself for “failing”.  Master comes for me and insists that I relax in the bed and drink my tea after the shower has warmed me thoroughly.  He explains that He is not upset with me and I have still earned my reward for trying so hard even if it didn’t end the way He thought it would. 

Now completely relaxed, He shows me something I have never seen before…a fuck machine!  WOW..what an odd but interesting contraption:)   I admit, it’s a bit intimidating at first but not as intimidating as all the dildos He intended to use.  He instructs me to get on the floor on all fours and locks me in doggie style in the stockades.  By the way, the stockade and machine were from kenstwistedmind.com. 

 Each dildo is displayed in front of me to view as He fits the machine with the smaller, 5 inch one.  He turns the machine on and carefully makes adjustments until it thrusts deeply into me.  It doesn't take long before the slow rhythmic pace of feeling it slide in and out of my swollen, wet pussy is driving me wild, quickly bringing me to the brink orgasm but I am instructed not to come until given permission.  Of course as soon as I ask, He stops the machine!  What?...oh God how can He stop!!  I need for something to be buried inside me.  I realize He is actually moving up to the next size.  This is good though because I would actually prefer to hold out for the big Mac Daddy of silicone cock I have my eyes on...haha!  He goes through every dildo, each time pushing me so close to exploding until He gets to the 6th and final one (yeah...that's the Mac Daddy I was eyeing)  A stunning 10 inches and massively thick.  It took some coaxing to get it inside me but that feeling of being so completely filled drives me to the edge in what seems like seconds.  This time the answer is YES when I ask permission and as you can imagine, the orgasm that rips through me is amazing and rocks every part of my body. 

Hopefully, you have enjoyed my recollection of the events that transpired during our “Interrogation” scene.  It actually took place back in August but I had fun and got myself all excited recounting all of the gory detailsJ  Oh...except for the water torture!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

OH MY...So much Cock!

I really should be writing the 3rd and last installment of the Interrogation Scene but this post must come first!

Last night started harmless enough.  My Saturday morning blowjob rule had to be pushed off because of too much going on around the house.  Finally about 11:30 last night, I was able to tend to Master.  It was late, so it was a good but normal blowjob.  He came in my mouth somewhere around 12:00 and I thought we would be ready for bed. 

Then he says, I want you to fall asleep with my cock in your mouth.  What?  I am thinking that sounds pretty uncomfortable but, hey, I am willing to give it a try.  Let me just say...that is not easy but as I lay there just lightly holding the head of His cock in mouth, I find myself oddly aroused.  Let's face it though, my orgasms have been so restricted for so long, if he just looks at me, my pussy starts to pulsate with desire.  Anyways, I squirm around trying to get comfortable.  My jaw already aching...my neck aching from being twisted...my shoulder spasming from laying on it so long.  But somewhere around 1:00, I must have happily drifted off for a few minutes.  I woke just a little while later, dick still in mouth, thinking my Master was asleep.  I sat up, tried to stretch out my stiff body and laid back on my pillow.  OH...that was a MISTAKE...He was not asleep!

I hear, "Did I tell you to move? Get back down there!".  So I comply, not very happily I will admit so I ask Him is there any point that I can get up.  There it is...MISTAKE #2.  My mistakes tend to come in pairs...lol!  I will eventually learn to completely shut my mouth, I hope.  He orders me to lay down on my stomach between His legs, clasp my arms behind my back, and start bobbing.  I cannot describe to you how much I hate this position so He typically reserves it for punishment.  If you haven't tried it, it is extremely taxing on your neck and back.  Again, I find myself squirming and moaning in discomfort which only causes Him to get angier with me.  He tells me I am failing Him in every way possible, which hurts to hear.  I never want Him to be disappointed in me so I just stopped fighting it.  I focus on calming my mind and relaxing my body.  It's amazing how my bodily discomfort eases.  Now I am soley focused on His cock, His pleasure, and continuing to suck...one minute at a time.  There were times, I could feel my neck start to give out but I continued to push through it.  Somewhere around 2:00, He shot his cum in my mouth for the second time in one night.

Well over 2 hours of His cock in my mouth.  One thing is for sure, next time 30 minutes won't seem so long:)

He expected that I would fail, but was so impressed that I didn't.  I may be exhausted today but am proud of myself for rising to the challenge. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Interrogation: Part II

The blindfold was removed but a black cover was placed roughly over my head as Master gets me out of the car.  He takes me into our house and begins to leading me upstairs to our bedroom.  Everything is so quiet, all I can hear is the sound of my pulse thumping in my own head.  As soon as we are in the room, he strips me down to nothing and leads me over to a chair.  I am forced to sit down on it but it is not soft like a chair would be normally.  The seat is covered with something coarse and uncomfortable, pricking at the skin of my ass.  The handcuffs are removed but now my arms are being tied to the arms of the chair.  Then, all goes quiet as I hear him walk away....

After several minutes, I hear the thud of his footsteps coming back towards me and the black cover is removed from my head.  I look quickly around the darkened room lit only by candle light trying to take it all in...to see if there are any clues as to what He has planned for me.  I see so many implements laid out and some of them pretty scary looking.  Then I see the St. Andrew's cross in the corner of the room.  We haven't used this before now so I immediately get pretty excited at just the thought!  Master leans down in my ear and asks sternly if I am ready to tell Him my number.
"No, Sir", I quickly answer.
"As you wish", He replies.

The cover is placed back over my head, He quickly unties me, and moves me over to the cross.  He turns me facing away from him, grabs my right wrist and straps it into place and then straps the other wrist.  Next, each of my ankles are strapped so that my legs are spread far apart.  With my ass completely displayed for Him, He starts to lightly flog me with a cat-o-nine tails then gets progressively harder first across my ass, then the back of my legs and across my back.  Each strike stinging a little more than the one before. 
He stops and once again asks if I am ready to tell Him my number. 
"No, Sir"
"As you wish".

I am unstrapped and re-strapped turned facing Him now which makes me nervous because my tits are exposed.  I receive the same treatment with the cat-o-nine tails but this time each strike landing directly on my pussy which is laying wide open now or across my tits.  Each time it cuts across my nipples, I cry out wanting Him to stop but I won't dare give up yet. 
He asks if I am ready to tell Him my number.
"No, Sir"
"As you wish".

The vibrator starts humming and I feel it first touching each of my nipples, the spasm running straight down to my pussy.  Such a delicious feeling in comparison to the sharp pain before.  He taunts me with His words as He moves the vibrator down to my clit.  I can feel my own wetness dripping on the floor as an orgasm builds and rips through me before I can even try to stop.  The vibrator stops and again he begins taunting me with His words, mocking me for how easy it was to make me cum but I feel as if I am floating on a cloud lost in my pleasure.  Then I feel the intense cold spray of water all over my body and I snap back to reality gasping in shock and immediately begin to shiver uncontrollably.  Next, the sting of what I assume is hot wax as it spills down my body.  Some of it quickly cooling on my breasts and some making trails down my my stomach.  Again, I am stunned by the spray of the cold water.
Once again He asks if I am ready to tell Him my number.
"No, Sir"
"As you wish".

As He unstraps me from the cross and leads me to the bathroom tub, I believe that I have won this game but soon realize it is not over yet. 

To be continued...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Interrogation: Part I

Walking the aisles of the store aimlessly, my mind is racing and my anxiety building because I know my Master is coming for me.  When is He coming…where will He be...what is going to happen …will it be enjoyable or scary?  These thoughts continue racing through my head. 

Today I will be kidnapped and “Interrogated”…a scene which He has so carefully planned.  He refused to share any of the details except that I will taken “against my will” from this public place and I must have thought of a number.  But under no circumstances throughout the “Interrogation”, am I to reveal this number or He wins and that will not bode well for me. 

After what seems like an eternity of waiting and wondering, I allow myself to get side tracked looking at different items in the home goods section of this store.  Not surprising…I am a woman J

Then, it all happens so quickly.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone appear at the end of the aisle and move so quickly towards me that for a split second, I don’t realize it’s Him.  You know when you scare someone so badly all they can do is jump and start running in place?  Well, picture it because that is exactly what I did!  Trying His best not to laugh, He grabs me by the arm and starts to lead me out of the store.  At this point, we are both laughing and then I look at Him and how completely HOT He looks in this outfit I have never seen before.  I should be intimidated, or at least acting the part, but I just melt seeing Him in this black shirt, camouflage pants, and black boots.  He leads me to His car, puts me in the backseat, and handcuffs and blindfolds me.  Oh God, I can’t wait to see what comes next…or can I?    

To be continued…

Just out of curiosity...does your Master/Mistress have a certain attire reserved just for playtime that makes you crazy with desire.  That is the inspiration for my post today! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Promises Made for an Orgasm

This was my birthday weekend and a busy one indeed.  If you read my last post "Frustration Through Orgasm Denial", you should know that I was on orgasm restriction all last week.  I had been tormented and brought to the edge constantly.  Thankfully, Master finally allowed me what I so needed and wanted yesterday before I hurt anyone too badly...LOL! 

However, Master pointed out that it was not because I had earned it.  You see, I had missed Master's Saturday and Sunday morning blowjobs (refer to My Rules page).  It was because I didn't want to do it.  Life just kept getting in the way all weekend.  I knew being busy was not an excuse and I didn't even try to argue like I might have in the past.

I had so been looking forward to finally being fucked and releasing my pent up frustrations but this wasn't going to happen so easily.  To make up for my missed tasks, Master wouldn't fuck me until I convinced Him how badly I needed to come.  I was to lay out exactly what I would do this week in exchange for an orgasm...and it had to be GOOD!  He lay there quite a while letting me worship His cock while I threw out just about every humiliating thing I could think of to do to myself.  Every idea was met with "OK" but He wanted more.  I knew that one of the things He will soon have me do is to find a lonely man in a bar, let him buy me a drink, and then repay him with a blowjob.  Just the idea of this stirs a bit of anxiety in me, but I went ahead and begged for it...and so many other things.  By the time He was satisfied with my offerings, I thought to myself, "WOW...this is a really expensive orgasm!".  But I knew better than to say anything or risk being on restriction for at least a week longer. 

In the end, Master wanted to see just how far I was willing to go.  Since He plans for this week to be physically challenging enough, I will be fulfilling all my promises but not all in this week.  However, I will be sucking cock tonight and tomorrow night to make up for the two I missed but will do so gladly:)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Frustration through Orgasm Denial

This has not been a week of physical trials, no spankings or pain so to speak, but it has certainly been a test of my mental strength.  After receiving what was my worst spanking yet on Sunday, my Master instructed me to masturbate in front of him.  Just as I was ready to orgasm and asked for His permission, He said "NO".  Those are the words all of us subs probably hate to hear right at the moment of release.  He leaned over me and asked in a whisper if I needed to come.  My mind was searching for an answer but all I could come up with was "I can wait if it pleases you".  Well, I assure you, I understand now, that was the wrong answer.  He sat back and said "well, then you will wait until next Sunday". 


That night and almost every night since He has used me in all sorts of ways.  He has licked me to edge of orgasm several times, made me worship His cock almost every day, and used my mouth and pussy for His own pleasure.  As if that hasn't been enough to keep me swollen, dripping with desire, and going out of my mind wanting to come, I have been required to masturbate myself to the edge of orgasm daily.  And not just once or twice.  The number of times I am to do it each day is the number of letters in that day.  As soon as He gave me this assignment, in my head I immediately started counting the number of letters in Wednesday.  What?...9 times!!

I didn't think I would be able to make it but it is Friday now and I am almost there.  I have done my best to handle it with poise and grace.  Something interesting I have noticed, with each day of masturbation, and my increased desperation, my visions and fantasies have grown more wicked and kinky...even wishing for pain.  I am guessing that is part of the thought behind denial of orgasms.  Not only is it important for your Master to control when and how you release, but you and your body become more willing to comply.  In this frenzy, all you want is to release and will do almost anything to get it.

I will say this...next time Master asks me if I want to come, I will make sure to let him know how badly I need it. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Master's Task...Your Idea...Humiliate Me!

My Master really enjoys assigning me tasks to be completed.  Sometimes, it can be as simple as picking up his dry cleaning but usually it's much more complicated.  I love that He is so very proud once I have completed His assignment.  However, it's typically not something I am not comfortable doing, and He thoroughly enjoys watching me squirm.

The following is an example...not too complicated but just a little something to give you an understanding of what I am talking about. 

Example: I am to go to the sex shop in a skirt without panties and buy a set of ben wa balls.  Once outside in my car, I am to insert them and drive home.  As soon as I arrive home, I am to show Him the task is completed. 

Now...this is where you come in.  My Master has asked that I enlist your help in coming up with some new creative ideas.  He reviews my blog regularly and will be taking note of all naughty suggestions.  Ultimately, He reserves the right to choose which to use, but I am sure the more devious and humiliating, the better (ok...within reason).  Who knows...you might even get to enjoy reading your idea in one of my future blog posts!

Just type your suggestion into the comment box or email me privately at submissivelittlegirl73@gmail.com.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Position Training and Acceptance of Pain

It seems the week has been overwhelmingly focused on position training and accepting pain, and it has most definitely stepped up a notch from my last post.

I learned several new positions but never realized before now just how intense this form of training could be.  One of my goals is to become more fluid, cat-like, and seductive as I move from one position to another.  For some reason, this doesn't come as natural to me, so if you have any suggestions, they would certainly be welcomed.  Anyway, position training has typically been pretty relaxed for us.  As He instructed me, I would find it stimulating standing in front of him naked, completely exposed, and flaunting my assets.  Let's just say this has not been the case this week.  Position training has been more like core body strengthening.  And HOLY COW...do I suck! (not literally...well that was later:)  What really got me was a combination of positions, both of which I was laying with my back on the floor, my body completely straight and extended, arms and hands straight above my head, fingers and toes pointed.  The only difference is the positioning of my legs; one is with legs together, and the other is with legs spread as far apart as possible.  These may be referred to as "Sacrifice" and "Nightmare".  NO PROBLEM...RIGHT?  That's what I thought until my Master commanded that my heels be off the floor. After several seconds, that felt like an eternity, my body started shaking uncontrollably and my heels fell to the floor.  Oops...now He is MAD!  My failure resulted in repeatedly having to alternate between the two until He told me to stop.  OH God...more pain and failure again!  I think I have some work to do.

Pain acceptance has also come in the form of spankings and a lot of them!  I don't think my ass has been spanked this many times in all of the last nine months combined.  So let's start with the first night.  As if getting whipped with a switch isn't enough...let's add squats and lunges while getting whipped.  I think I handled this pretty good by staying focused on the exercises.  It was probably too much to expect that would be it for the night.  The spankings were not finished that night or any night since.  Between the loopy and a variety of other implements, I am well marked and have spilled some tears, which doesn't happen often from an ass spanking. 

During spankings, not intended for punishment, my Master has me stand in the corner, legs spread wide, hands clasped behind my head, and my hip rotating in seductive circles.  It took three nights before the pain overcame me and I broke position, but He didn't stop.  And what was so humiliating about the whole experience was as I cried and He continued to spank me, he reached down and touched my pussy, only to discover it was flooding.  I just don't understand how that happens...and He says tonight is to be the worst yet! 

Admittedly, even after all of the intense training and spanking, I still needed to come so badly. 

The sex was amazing, His cock inside me felt delicious, and I am so thankful that He granted me permission to release, because I know he didn't have to.

So now I guess we will see what the weekend brings!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No Bra or Panties!

Yesterday turned out to be a typical hectic Monday in our house so Master and I didn’t have too much time together for training.  He did go over his expectations of me going forward, my roles as personal assistant, entertainer/hostess, waitress, chamber maid, and sex slave, as well as some new rules and protocols.  A few things I learned were how to greet Him, how to enter and exit a room in His presence, and how to walk with Him in public.  However, the most immediate and drastic change being my work attire.  He discussed this new rule with me on Sunday night because he expected it to be implemented first thing on Monday.  I am to lay out my outfit each night for His approval and adhere to the following conditions when making my clothing selection:
(1) Skirts or dresses only, unless permission is granted otherwise for work conditions that day
(2) No bra and panties allowed
(3)Only thigh highs and garters allowed if I wear stockings
(4) Any outfit changes through the day must be communicated for approval and must adhere to the previous conditions. 
My first thought was “Wow…I am going to need a lot more skirts!”  As is the case with most females, I never turn down the chance to go shoppingJ
At first, I will admit, I was not a big fan of the no bra and panty rule at work because we had previously agreed this was an area that was off limits.  But I am finding as Master pushes boundaries, limits seem to become more flexible.  So, I complied as long as there was no risk to my position within the company.  It tends to be pretty cold in my office and cold or not, my nipples ALWAYS stay on high beams which could pose a problem around my employees.  Thankfully, Master agreed to let me wear a little something to cover my shirt if necessary.  Now the panty situation felt extremely awkward at first, mostly because my pussy was still swollen and sensitive from my weekend assignment which was masturbate to orgasm 11 times.  Let me just say it's a good thing I enjoyed it because I think that's all I will be getting for a while!  Anyways, I was on my feet all day and all I could think about was that I didn't have panties on.  Now today, I was still acutely aware of my exposed pussy being just underneath my skirt, but it seemed more comfortable, natural, and even stimulating.  As I moved, my inner thighs would gently brush across my lips and these thoughts started running through my head about just how easily accessible my pussy would be...

Oh, I better calm myself down a bit.  Did I mention how much easier it makes going to the bathroom?

So all in all...I think it was a good and easy start.  Now, I am off for tonight's position training!