Saturday, April 20, 2013

Interrogation: Part II

The blindfold was removed but a black cover was placed roughly over my head as Master gets me out of the car.  He takes me into our house and begins to leading me upstairs to our bedroom.  Everything is so quiet, all I can hear is the sound of my pulse thumping in my own head.  As soon as we are in the room, he strips me down to nothing and leads me over to a chair.  I am forced to sit down on it but it is not soft like a chair would be normally.  The seat is covered with something coarse and uncomfortable, pricking at the skin of my ass.  The handcuffs are removed but now my arms are being tied to the arms of the chair.  Then, all goes quiet as I hear him walk away....

After several minutes, I hear the thud of his footsteps coming back towards me and the black cover is removed from my head.  I look quickly around the darkened room lit only by candle light trying to take it all see if there are any clues as to what He has planned for me.  I see so many implements laid out and some of them pretty scary looking.  Then I see the St. Andrew's cross in the corner of the room.  We haven't used this before now so I immediately get pretty excited at just the thought!  Master leans down in my ear and asks sternly if I am ready to tell Him my number.
"No, Sir", I quickly answer.
"As you wish", He replies.

The cover is placed back over my head, He quickly unties me, and moves me over to the cross.  He turns me facing away from him, grabs my right wrist and straps it into place and then straps the other wrist.  Next, each of my ankles are strapped so that my legs are spread far apart.  With my ass completely displayed for Him, He starts to lightly flog me with a cat-o-nine tails then gets progressively harder first across my ass, then the back of my legs and across my back.  Each strike stinging a little more than the one before. 
He stops and once again asks if I am ready to tell Him my number. 
"No, Sir"
"As you wish".

I am unstrapped and re-strapped turned facing Him now which makes me nervous because my tits are exposed.  I receive the same treatment with the cat-o-nine tails but this time each strike landing directly on my pussy which is laying wide open now or across my tits.  Each time it cuts across my nipples, I cry out wanting Him to stop but I won't dare give up yet. 
He asks if I am ready to tell Him my number.
"No, Sir"
"As you wish".

The vibrator starts humming and I feel it first touching each of my nipples, the spasm running straight down to my pussy.  Such a delicious feeling in comparison to the sharp pain before.  He taunts me with His words as He moves the vibrator down to my clit.  I can feel my own wetness dripping on the floor as an orgasm builds and rips through me before I can even try to stop.  The vibrator stops and again he begins taunting me with His words, mocking me for how easy it was to make me cum but I feel as if I am floating on a cloud lost in my pleasure.  Then I feel the intense cold spray of water all over my body and I snap back to reality gasping in shock and immediately begin to shiver uncontrollably.  Next, the sting of what I assume is hot wax as it spills down my body.  Some of it quickly cooling on my breasts and some making trails down my my stomach.  Again, I am stunned by the spray of the cold water.
Once again He asks if I am ready to tell Him my number.
"No, Sir"
"As you wish".

As He unstraps me from the cross and leads me to the bathroom tub, I believe that I have won this game but soon realize it is not over yet. 

To be continued...


  1. I am even more intrigued! Cant wait for the rest! :)