Monday, April 15, 2013

Promises Made for an Orgasm

This was my birthday weekend and a busy one indeed.  If you read my last post "Frustration Through Orgasm Denial", you should know that I was on orgasm restriction all last week.  I had been tormented and brought to the edge constantly.  Thankfully, Master finally allowed me what I so needed and wanted yesterday before I hurt anyone too badly...LOL! 

However, Master pointed out that it was not because I had earned it.  You see, I had missed Master's Saturday and Sunday morning blowjobs (refer to My Rules page).  It was because I didn't want to do it.  Life just kept getting in the way all weekend.  I knew being busy was not an excuse and I didn't even try to argue like I might have in the past.

I had so been looking forward to finally being fucked and releasing my pent up frustrations but this wasn't going to happen so easily.  To make up for my missed tasks, Master wouldn't fuck me until I convinced Him how badly I needed to come.  I was to lay out exactly what I would do this week in exchange for an orgasm...and it had to be GOOD!  He lay there quite a while letting me worship His cock while I threw out just about every humiliating thing I could think of to do to myself.  Every idea was met with "OK" but He wanted more.  I knew that one of the things He will soon have me do is to find a lonely man in a bar, let him buy me a drink, and then repay him with a blowjob.  Just the idea of this stirs a bit of anxiety in me, but I went ahead and begged for it...and so many other things.  By the time He was satisfied with my offerings, I thought to myself, "WOW...this is a really expensive orgasm!".  But I knew better than to say anything or risk being on restriction for at least a week longer. 

In the end, Master wanted to see just how far I was willing to go.  Since He plans for this week to be physically challenging enough, I will be fulfilling all my promises but not all in this week.  However, I will be sucking cock tonight and tomorrow night to make up for the two I missed but will do so gladly:)

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