Friday, April 5, 2013

Position Training and Acceptance of Pain

It seems the week has been overwhelmingly focused on position training and accepting pain, and it has most definitely stepped up a notch from my last post.

I learned several new positions but never realized before now just how intense this form of training could be.  One of my goals is to become more fluid, cat-like, and seductive as I move from one position to another.  For some reason, this doesn't come as natural to me, so if you have any suggestions, they would certainly be welcomed.  Anyway, position training has typically been pretty relaxed for us.  As He instructed me, I would find it stimulating standing in front of him naked, completely exposed, and flaunting my assets.  Let's just say this has not been the case this week.  Position training has been more like core body strengthening.  And HOLY I suck! (not literally...well that was later:)  What really got me was a combination of positions, both of which I was laying with my back on the floor, my body completely straight and extended, arms and hands straight above my head, fingers and toes pointed.  The only difference is the positioning of my legs; one is with legs together, and the other is with legs spread as far apart as possible.  These may be referred to as "Sacrifice" and "Nightmare".  NO PROBLEM...RIGHT?  That's what I thought until my Master commanded that my heels be off the floor. After several seconds, that felt like an eternity, my body started shaking uncontrollably and my heels fell to the floor. He is MAD!  My failure resulted in repeatedly having to alternate between the two until He told me to stop.  OH God...more pain and failure again!  I think I have some work to do.

Pain acceptance has also come in the form of spankings and a lot of them!  I don't think my ass has been spanked this many times in all of the last nine months combined.  So let's start with the first night.  As if getting whipped with a switch isn't enough...let's add squats and lunges while getting whipped.  I think I handled this pretty good by staying focused on the exercises.  It was probably too much to expect that would be it for the night.  The spankings were not finished that night or any night since.  Between the loopy and a variety of other implements, I am well marked and have spilled some tears, which doesn't happen often from an ass spanking. 

During spankings, not intended for punishment, my Master has me stand in the corner, legs spread wide, hands clasped behind my head, and my hip rotating in seductive circles.  It took three nights before the pain overcame me and I broke position, but He didn't stop.  And what was so humiliating about the whole experience was as I cried and He continued to spank me, he reached down and touched my pussy, only to discover it was flooding.  I just don't understand how that happens...and He says tonight is to be the worst yet! 

Admittedly, even after all of the intense training and spanking, I still needed to come so badly. 

The sex was amazing, His cock inside me felt delicious, and I am so thankful that He granted me permission to release, because I know he didn't have to.

So now I guess we will see what the weekend brings!


  1. Sounds like you are having fun so far! Keep it up. Are you finding that your pain threshold is increasing yet?

    1. Thanks Sandy! I do think my pain threshold is increasing. The last round of spankings was much easier to handle. However, I think the spankings are moving to my tits this week and that is usually alot worse for me.