Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No Bra or Panties!

Yesterday turned out to be a typical hectic Monday in our house so Master and I didn’t have too much time together for training.  He did go over his expectations of me going forward, my roles as personal assistant, entertainer/hostess, waitress, chamber maid, and sex slave, as well as some new rules and protocols.  A few things I learned were how to greet Him, how to enter and exit a room in His presence, and how to walk with Him in public.  However, the most immediate and drastic change being my work attire.  He discussed this new rule with me on Sunday night because he expected it to be implemented first thing on Monday.  I am to lay out my outfit each night for His approval and adhere to the following conditions when making my clothing selection:
(1) Skirts or dresses only, unless permission is granted otherwise for work conditions that day
(2) No bra and panties allowed
(3)Only thigh highs and garters allowed if I wear stockings
(4) Any outfit changes through the day must be communicated for approval and must adhere to the previous conditions. 
My first thought was “Wow…I am going to need a lot more skirts!”  As is the case with most females, I never turn down the chance to go shoppingJ
At first, I will admit, I was not a big fan of the no bra and panty rule at work because we had previously agreed this was an area that was off limits.  But I am finding as Master pushes boundaries, limits seem to become more flexible.  So, I complied as long as there was no risk to my position within the company.  It tends to be pretty cold in my office and cold or not, my nipples ALWAYS stay on high beams which could pose a problem around my employees.  Thankfully, Master agreed to let me wear a little something to cover my shirt if necessary.  Now the panty situation felt extremely awkward at first, mostly because my pussy was still swollen and sensitive from my weekend assignment which was masturbate to orgasm 11 times.  Let me just say it's a good thing I enjoyed it because I think that's all I will be getting for a while!  Anyways, I was on my feet all day and all I could think about was that I didn't have panties on.  Now today, I was still acutely aware of my exposed pussy being just underneath my skirt, but it seemed more comfortable, natural, and even stimulating.  As I moved, my inner thighs would gently brush across my lips and these thoughts started running through my head about just how easily accessible my pussy would be...

Oh, I better calm myself down a bit.  Did I mention how much easier it makes going to the bathroom?

So all in all...I think it was a good and easy start.  Now, I am off for tonight's position training!



  1. Sir just put the no-panties rule on hold at my request. I have gone a few years with no panties unless granted permission. It started to be a problem with the cold, my clothes, and the chaffing. It is probably related to my age also. I was so thankful to have panties back but now Sir says take them off at the most inopportune times. In fact, I just realized that the rule had lost its meaning to me because I was so accepting of it and now when that text message comes saying off with the panties!, I feel his ownership much more than the last year with no panties. I assume it is the changing of the rule.

    Good luck with your training!


    1. Thank you bonimiss. You make a really good point and I will keep definitely keep in mind if that becomes an issue down the road. I think it's important to realize even rules can and should change and evolve as necessary to keep it fresh and exciting for both people.