Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Dreaded "F" Word

Would you believe F...A...R...T is now considered a "bad" word!! 


Neither did I. 

Since one of my most basic rules is no swearing, that "F" word has been my go-to word, replacing all the other naughty words in my vocabulary. 

Daddy announced the other day, "I hate that word and don't want to hear it anymore."

I giggled a little and responded "you ARE kidding, right?

The extra lick I got after maintenance last night said He meant business!  And would you believe that darn word still almost slipped out when He spanked me?

Oh boy...I have a feeling this one is going to be a hard habit to break!

One of my favorite scenes....from one of my favorite movies!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just the Two of Us

Daddy and I had a nice weekend together, but somehow, as usual it didn't go quite as He planned. 

Saturday night, He allowed me the pleasure of telling Him a story as I stroked Him.  I say this quite facetiously because story telling is not my favorite pastime.  This is no surprise to Him and whenever  I voice as much, His response is always "That's why I make you do it!".  What's the saying? Fake it till you make it.  Maybe one day it will sink in. 

One thing about these stories is they tend to go on and on forever until I am scrambling with plot ideas to keep it going.  This time ended up even more frustrating.  Occasional knocks at the door kept interrupting my flow of thought.  You know, I will really be glad when school starts back so the kids aren't staying up later than we are. 

To make matters worse, every time it came to a point in the story where I hesitated too long, unsure of what to say next, or He just didn't like the direction the story was headed, He simply stated "10 licks"...for displeasing Him.  No pressure...huh?

After finally getting to what He decided was a good stopping point in my story, He told me to finish Him off, but not before I had earned 30 licks to be delivered on another day.  

As we lay in bed afterwards, snuggling and talking, He said He was hopeful that Sunday might bring more private time and maybe even some play time.   

Well...let's just say that didn't happen and He felt terrible about it.  And I felt terrible about it since I was the one who made the god awful McDonald's dinner suggestion that left Him in a miserable state.

The next morning, we were back at work and I was greeted with a really sweet good morning email promising that we would makeup for the previous day.  Obviously, He doesn't have to and I understand that, but it put a smile on my face all day knowing that He was as disappointed as I was.

You can imagine just how delighted I was later that afternoon when He emailed me a link for a cabin he was booking, FOR JUST THE TWO OF US, to go away for a weekend in August!  It's so exciting to think of being alone for a whole 48 hours together but scary at the same time for a couple of reasons. 

It's always hard to leave our littlest one.  She doesn't cope very well when she's away from us, particularly at bedtime.  But...we need a break every once in a while  So she will have to suck it up this time. 

It's also scary because this means we are a cabin...out in the woods...and the possibilities for Him to find ways to torment me might actually be endless!!  Sometimes I think the only thing that saves me from the full force of His sadistic cravings is that we always have to be quiet and there's little in the way of privacy. 

When Daddy got home that evening, I was also excited because I had tried a new crock pot recipe for beef gyros.  It's not often that He doesn't enjoy something I've cooked but His reaction, and everyone else's, really stung.  My tzatziki sauce was a big flop and I got a little snippy about the whole thing.  A couple stern looks and I knew I was walking a think line so when we were alone, I genuinely apologized.  He understood why I was hurt, but mentioned that maintenance spankings would be resuming that night. I admit, I probably needed a reminder of my place and this would re-establish some structure that's been missing as of late. 

It's been a while since I have found myself waiting expectantly in our walk-in closet.  Already naked and in the display position, I heard His footsteps across the tile of the bathroom floor.  As He got closer, I heard that sound...the one of His belt sliding out of slacks. Before starting, He explained that we would be getting 10 licks of the belt and then increase by one each day, indefinitely.  But for that night, He reminded me I had an extra 30 coming to me for my story telling mistakes.

It was amazing how quickly maintenance stilled my mind, allowing me to find the right headspace again. 

But last night...the memory of it has had me in a tizzy and completely distracted all day. That shall be a story for another post!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cat Got Your Tongue

If memory serves me correctly, clothespins were probably the first kinky and painful implement Daddy introduced me to, years ago...long before D/s even.  Oh, how they made me whimper in agony every time I felt them bite down on my nipples and then made me cry like a baby when they were removed. 

It took quite a bit of practice with them, but I have become so much better at processing that kind of pain.

Maybe they've become too easy though because the other night, Daddy took them off my nipples while having sex with me and told me to stick out my tongue.  I hesitantly parted my lips and stuck out just the tip of my tongue.

No...stick it all the way out.       

He clamped it on there good and holy cow...this was a whole different type of pain.  It was a type of pain that in no way connected to my nether regions, and I was struggling to find a way to process it.

He made it clear it wouldn't be removed until I came around His cock.  Now that certainly wasn't going to be an easy task but who wants to miss out on any opportunity to have an orgasm?

Definitely not me!  Plus the sooner I could get it off, the better!!  So I managed to block it out just enough and was so relieved to feel my tongue set free.   

I sure wish I could say that I looked all sexy like this...

But actually, I think this was probably more like it!!

Oh my gosh, the amount of drool that poured out of my mouth was RIDICULOUS and a bit embarrassing!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What It Was

Looking back, I really hate that I spent so many years complaining about sex.  I was always too tired, too this, too that.  Sex was something that should be on my schedule, when I wanted it, and dammit He should respect that!   

All the while, there was this wonderful man that loved me more than life itself and He "wanted" me.  In return, I made Him feel bad for that by complaining constantly and pushing Him away. 

Don't even get me started on how vehemently I hated blowjobs.  The fights we had over this were quite ridiculous.  Oh my gosh!  I even remember challenging Him on several occasions to show me a woman who enjoyed sucking cock after being married as long as we had.  "And if you can find my guest", I would spew.  Glad He didn't take me up on that challenge! 

Wow!  How wrong I was in so many ways.  

The problem though was years of conditioning and listening to jaded people, not just as it related to sex but with all aspects of a relationship.  Rather than finding my own way and determining what worked for my marriage, I chose to become jaded myself.

The woman had to maintain control of the relationship...

The woman had to run the family and everything else because you couldn't expect a man to do it, much less do it right...

...bottom couldn't TRUST a man.

Sadly, I look at all those examples I had in my life, and I see now what became or has now become of their marriages.  And maybe those circumstances were unavoidable in their lives, I don't know.

I never would have thought I wanted this life.  Even when I committed to it, I wasn't convinced it was for me and I definitely didn't think it was something I could maintain.

Well, it's been exactly two years now and yes, we've had our fair share of ups and downs.  Sometimes it's been out of this world amazing and sometimes it's just been hard as hell.  But honestly, I can't imagine it ever going back to the way it was.

No longer do I live with that jaded view of life and relationships.  Thankfully, I know now that it can be so much better than that! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chaos is the Law of Nature

I had intended for my 200th post to be something really good, and I did have a topic in mind I wanted to write about.  But that will have to wait for later because my brain is just not going to wrap itself around anything like that right now.

Ever have one of those nights that just erupts into chaos?  One minute everything is rocking along just fine and the next, you wondered what the hell happened?

Oh boy, have we have had one of those nights.  I think I said something recently about not missing my dogs while we were on vacation.  Yep...I did say that!  And holy cow, do I really mean it...especially after having to separate them from what we thought was going to be a life ending fight for one of them tonight.

To make a long story short, we have 3 female dogs.  Apparently, that doesn't work out well with the whole pack mentality thing.  One of them is elderly, and when we got a new puppy about a year and a half ago, the dynamics changed and the middle dog began attacking the older dog.  The only thing we can figure is that the middle dog wanted the puppy for herself or felt that the older one, being the weakest link, should be eliminated. 

Well, ideally we should have found a new home for one of them (particularly the trouble maker) but no one could bear the thought of giving up "their" dog.  So after we tried everything we could think of, including brining in trainers, we decided that it was best for the elderly dog to go live downstairs in the basement with my mom. 

I know...I have felt like complete ass about separating her from the rest of the family but we felt this was the only way to keep all the dogs and keep her safe, plus she could be doted on by my mom all the time. 

This has been a fine solution except it doesn't afford for you to make a single mistake.  Unfortunately, tonight was that night when one mistake lead to disaster.  With the whole family watching in complete horror, it took everything we had but Daddy and I were finally able to get them separated with little damage (we think).  I am so thankful that it wasn't worse than it was but it seemed like an eternity of craziness and IT WAS SCARY!

Of course this happened right as dinner was ready to be served so by the time we were able to sit down and eat, it was cold and there wasn't a chance that anyone was going to enjoy. 

Not long after I started washing up the dishes, my older daughter got a phone call from her best friend who was on the other end of the line sobbing uncontrollably.  So, frantically she grabbed her things and was running out of the house to go see about her friend while we were begging her to be careful and stay calm while driving over there. 

For the moment...all is calm again.  It's a good thing nights like this don't happen often because I think we all lost a few years off our lives. 

Daddy did get a good laugh when He saw me shoving chocolate cake in my face and the littlest one heading off with a spoon and the carton of chocolate ice cream.  But He always knows exactly how to take care of all of us though. To take the littlest one's mind off things, they just left for the store to go buy a new back pack she saw earlier today...and she just had to have!  And that leaves me with a few moments of much needed peace and quiet.

They are back home now and just as I was proofreading this post and getting ready to hit "publish", the littlest one just pulled two loose teeth in a matter of maybe 10 minutes.  Who looses two teeth in one night?! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Quiet Drive Home

So it's the end of our vacation. and we are in the process of making the long trek back home.  Everyone is so exhausted there has barely been a word said the entire trip except the occasional "How much longer", "I'm hungry", or "I need to pee".  

It's been a really fun and memorable week but I think we are all ready to return to normalcy.  We miss our own home, our beds, and the kids miss their dogs.  Notice I didn't include myself in the last part of that statement.  I love the dogs but they do drive me a bit crazy, mainly because I am the only one that takes care of them.

Work..urggg!!  I also don't miss work and am definitely not ready to get back to that grind. 

While it's been quiet here in the car, I have been sitting here trying to think of future blog topics and I thought of one I have been meaning to write about for a while now.

Don't ask me what brings this to mind now, maybe it's because we are traveling.  But it does have the potential to be funny in a morbid kind of way.  There was a question a while back ago on Fet about toys and equipment.  I am paraphrasing here but it was something to the effect of...

...If something happened to you and your partner, do you have a plan in place and someone designated to come in and remove all the kinky toys and equipment before family finds them?

Well, I don't know why but this particular situation had never occurred to me before and it really got me thinking...and a little worried.   

First of all, we don't have anyone, in or out of the lifestyle, that we are good enough friends with to do this for us.  Not to mention, with my nosy mother living with us, I can only assume between her and our kids, everything would be found pretty quickly anyways.

I asked Daddy had He ever though about this and did it concern Him at all.  His only answer was, "We wouldn't be here what would we care?"

Well, I guess that's one way to look at it. They all would either be scarred forever or think it was pretty damn funny.  Maybe both!! 

It's not the implements that worry me so much.  It's the larger equipment like the St. Andrews Cross and fucking machines.  Not so sure I want everyone seeing that stuff!  Although I am pretty sure the pest control guy encountered the cross hiding in our closet the other day!  Whoops...didn't think that one through ahead of time:)
So, just curious...does the idea of your family finding your kinky stuff bother you at all?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vacation Day Promises

Much needed relief finally came (haha...pun intended) for me yesterday.  Probably not in the way either of us would have preferred but at this point, who's complaining?  Certainly not me!

The price of one said orgasm was high and was something I had to determine and offer up on my own. 

At the end of the day, I wish I could say that it was all a mind fuck, but I don't believe so.  He says I will be held to my promise.  Yikes!! 

But I assumed that might be the case, which is why I did a lot of soul searching before committing myself to anything. 

We haven't discussed the details of how, when, or where just yet.  Only that at some point, it will happen.  It's kind of hard to set a time frame on something like this.  Some of it will depend on opportunity.

Will it push both of our limits

Absolutely!  Probably more than anything thus far. More so even than the experience I wrote about in The Note, The Knock, and The Slut. When I wrote about being on display and servicing another man, it provoked a lot of talk and reflection about limits.  What I have committed to now, will probably do the same.   

Is it something I want?

Yes and no.  He knows this is something I want to experience, yet at the same time I don't...if that makes sense.   

Yes, I like the idea of it.  In fantasy, it is an extreme turn on.  In reality, we both think ultimately I will enjoy it. 

But I am a chicken shit.  So, in that regard I am always perfectly comfortable limiting my own experiences and saying I don't want it.  Also, I would feel more comfortable if He was going to be a participant, but I know going into it that He won't, except overseeing for my safety. 

Is it something I need?

I say NO...He says YES.  It's important to continue pushing my boundaries and that's why He's the Master.  He knows my needs better than I know them myself most of the time.  

Does He want me to want it or does He want me to be willing to do what He asks?

The answer to this is both even though ultimately, it doesn't matter.  If it's something He wants me to do, I will.

That being said, it's more enjoyable for Him to know that I also want to do it. 

But I think it's most pleasing for Him to know that it is something I am willing to do, not because He has forced me to bend to His will but because He has forced me to accept the deepest darkest part of myself that actually wants to do it. 

By the way...thank you for your recent comments that lead to some of the thoughts in this post as well as the title.  You know who you are ;-)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dancing in the Moonlight

I am sitting here this morning, drinking my coffee and watching it storm from our patio overlooking the ocean, thankful that I didn't go out for that walk I had been contemplating.  Everyone else is still sleeping. 

It's clear that we are not going to get the alone time we need.  Hell, there isn't even any way to get complete privacy in the master bedroom here in this condo.  I don't understand...who doesn't put locks on doors??  And with the kids only a few feet away, it's just too risky.   

So my torment has continued.

But this morning, my mind keeps going back to a few stolen moments on the beach last night under the full moon.  We did manage to get out for a late night walk and Daddy told me to wear a loose fitting tank top and a wrap around my waist with no panties underneath. 

Now I would LOVE to have sex on the beach, but unfortunately, that isn't Daddy's thing.  He did, however, take a some time to clamp my nipples and clit as we stood out under the moonlight, finally getting the chance to make out like two teenagers having to sneak away from their parents. 

After taking the clamps off, He turned me around so my ass was pressed against Him and His mouth could freely roam my neck.  Telling me to spread my legs, His fingers danced around my swollen and extremely wet pussy.

As He worked my clit, getting me closer and closer, He whispered in my ear.

What are you willing to do to get your orgasm?

He stopped when I answered, "whatever you would like me to do Daddy".

I knew this wasn't the answer He was looking for.  This is a little game He plays, insisting on adding to my humiliation by making me spell out what I am willing to do. 

But I also know there are only few "right" answers to this question...

And they all scare the crap out of me because they are things, that at the moment, only exist in my fantasy world.     

So as I sit here this morning, the question far do I willingly throw myself down the rabbit hole?


Monday, July 14, 2014

Power Struggles Over Food

I've mentioned before that I have had issues with food in my past.  Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever completely be free of this problem but it certainly doesn't affect me with the full severity that it did when I was a teenager.   

Sometimes, when my life feels out of kilter, I desperately try to grasp for control of something and I tend to revert back to old habits of controlling food.  It's always been empowering to have it right in front of me, want it, yet possess the will to say no. 

Daddy has known this about me since day one but I don't think He could fully appreciate the level of control I felt in saying "no thank you" when I was offered food. 

From time to time, He will order for me, which I don't seem to mind at all.  It's refreshing to not have to make that decision.  But let Him tell me that I am going to eat something, whether I want to or not, and watch me start to panic.   

Now, asking me if I would like something is all together different.  He has always had a very sweet habit of asking me if I would like to try something of His.  Sometimes I do want a bite and will take it.  On the other hand, sometimes I do want a bite and won't take it.  I know...He reminds me how complicated I am all the time.    

So the moral of the story longer will He be offering.  He acknowledged that it gave me too much control and I really have to agree.  So now if I want a bite, I have to ask for it. 

Then, He is the one that has the power to decide whether I get it or not. 

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Right Where I Want You

Friday night, amidst the flurry of last minute packing and other such pre-vacation preparations, I stood leaning against the bed, holding that damn dreaded magic wand.  I was still fully clothed and had yet to take care of my daily task.  Just looking across the room at Daddy, knowing I had to torture myself again, made me want to pitch a total fit. 

He must have seen the challenging look in my eyes because He started walking around the bed to where I was, telling me to get the look off my face.  Our eyes were locked and I knew I was pushing it but my emotions were running wild. Not only has it been two weeks of keeping myself on edge but now I was hormonal as well.

As He stood in front on me, all I could do was start laughing and crying all at the same time.  I must have seemed a bit hysterical, hell I felt a little hysterical.  After turning me around and spanking me hard, there was no more laughing, only crying.

I turned back to face Him, with my eyes lowered and tears rolling down my cheeks.  With His hand wrapped around my throat, I had to fight the urge to resist Him as He kissed me.     

Now...I almost have you where I want you.

Where exactly is it that you want me?

Don't worry...I know exactly what you need and I haven't forgotten that you have needs.  

But I don't want to do this again. 

I wouldn't expect you to want to do it again, but you will. 

Later that night, as we were drifting off to sleep I asked Him what it was that He thought I needed.

He didn't give an answer, only saying that we would talk about it later when He was more coherent.

Despite being frustrated as hell, while He was relaxed and content, I eventually fell asleep to the sound of Him already snoring.


So, yesterday was Saturday and that meant it was finally vacation day.  I decided not to bring the issue back up but while we were driving,  He made another comment about knowing what I needed. 

Please just don't tell me I only need to get off.

Well, I know you need that but I also know you need to be taken from behind with one one of my hands tightly around your throat and my other another hand grabbing a fistful of your hair. 

I couldn't say anything, but the flush in my cheeks said "YES...PLEASE!!"

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hitting the Wall

I haven't completely hit the wall full force yet, maybe just slowly rolling into it but my good attitude and resolve with this whole orgasm restriction thing leading up to vacation is beginning to grow thin.

It all started several nights ago with a single comment.  Daddy informed me that apparently my task was too easy and I should be more challenged.


In the calmest voice I could muster, I explained that I was working hard not to whine or complain.

Inside I was really steaming. 

Was being good...not good enough?  I'm so confused...

Then the next night, I was told that the number of times I was expected to edge myself would increase daily until we went on vacation.

On top of that, my task would continue while we were on vacation and would still increase daily until we had an opportunity to do "something".

Well, anyone that has kids knows when you are vacation with them, the chances for adult activity is slim to none.  Or at least it is for us.

I guess everything was fine as long as I could go through the motions feeling as if there were defined  parameters with an end in sight.  But changing it up, that threw me for a loop.  Apparently, that is his prerogative though...or so I was reminded.

Plus, the random comments like...We will see how bad you need it and what you are willing to do to get it...aren't helping my nerves any.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Setting the Mood

While Daddy and I were on the lake the other day, a certain song came on. It was one in particular that He has used during some of our scenes. I kind of recognized it, but honestly, music is usually the last thing on my mind.

He claims it's a great flogging song because of it's so long and has such a steady, almost hypnotic rhythm.

Is music a part of your scenes?  If so, I would really love to hear what kind of songs set the atmosphere or mood for you?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rays of Light

Being outside and walking is a big part of my life.  I've probably mentioned walking in several of my posts but I do love it, not just for exercise but mostly because it's how I cleanse my mind. 
On particularly rough days, walking may turn to jogging.  Sometimes I feel like Forrest Gump and get the notion that I just want to run and that I could just keep runnin' till I can't any more.  Unlike Forrest though, I can only make it a couple miles before I wimp out and go back to walking.    
The other day I decided, rather than going to drive and pick up the dog's medicine, I was going to walk the 6+ miles roundtrip.  Well, about half way through, I saw storm clouds off in the distance. 
I was just mesmerized when I saw the beauty of the sun's rays shining down to earth through the clouds.  For me, whenever I see this, it's like experiencing a glimpse of heaven. 
But what also caught my eye was just how heavy and dark some of the clouds were and I could see the sheets of rain pouring down from them.  Being that I was still pretty far from home, I worried that I might not make it back before the storm surrounded me so I decided I better pick up the pace. 
As I jogged home, my mind drifted to the all the other "storms" in my life and how it seems I run to escape them too.  But what I really started to realize is that I don't run to escape them...I run to cope with them.
As the storm clouds got closer and grew more threatening, I also thought about Daddy. I thought about the last time I was out running and how the flood gates opened up on me.  I hadn't had any way to contact Him and I was a drowned rat trudging my way home with rain beating down so hard it was stinging my skin and I couldn't keep my eyes open.  
But Daddy had known the general direction I had been headed and He found me, driving up like a knight on a white horse offering me shelter and a dry towel.  
Something I took for granted for far too long...Daddy is and always will be my shelter.  It took  many years to accept that it's not me against the world and I don't have to find my own safe place. 
No matter how hard or how far I run trying to purge myself of the storms in my life, I know He will always find me.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Random Musings on the Lake and a Foiled Plan

We spent another Sunday together on the lake, a different lake than last week though.  It was quiet, little to no cell phone service so I spent the better part of the morning literally writing a blog entry, like with pen and paper.

Of course, our fishing adventure started the way every one of them does...with me like the little kid needing to use the bathroom not long after getting on the water.  He always grumbles like a grouchy bear but ultimately finds a spot for me to get out and take care of business.  I am proud of myself today though...finally figured out a way to hang off the back of the boat:)  We both got a good laugh out of that one!

And can someone please tell me why I get so darn hungry when we are out here?!  It's only 11:00 and I have already devoured all my food.

Just now, as the sun begins peeking out from the clouds, a beautiful heron flies gracefully overhead.  Is it a coincidence that "Heron" is Daddy's chosen nickname?  I think not! 
With a little music playing on my phone, I lay back and soak in the sun and relax, wishing every day could be like this. 

By now, you are reading this probably saying to yourself, "ok, this is all fine and good but where is the kinky adventure like you wrote about last week?"

Well, it kinda goes like this.  A cop got on the water at the same time as us this morning and keeps randomly popping up.  The lake we are on isn't very big and there aren't really any hiding places.  I know Daddy had a plan but for seems I am safe!

However, in tribute to the July 4th weekend, I did manage to get a picture of today's boating attire.

Not Til Vacation

Today might be the sixth of July but it also marks the sixth day since the start of my orgasm restriction.  This time has nothing to do with punishment, but it's difficult just the same. 

We leave for the beach in just about a week and will be spending seven glorious days resting and relaxing with the kids and hopefully having some fun of our own.  I guess Daddy decided to build up the anticipation, at least for me anyways.  

So starting back on July 1st, until we are on vacation, I am denied any orgasms. Not only that, but I am tasked to edge myself multiple times daily, each day choosing a different dildo. 

Yes, I am a bit ashamed to admit that I have that many

Also, I am to edge myself every night before bed, as well as any other time He commands.  In the meantime, my body, well mostly my mouth, remains available to satisfy His needs.

Now, after six days, other than not sleeping very well, I think I am holding up pretty good. At least Ms. Pouty Pants hasn't made an appearance yet!  Then again, the only day so far that He has really tormented me was the first. 

That night after making sure I had completed the day's assignment, He had me lay out on the bed. 

Under no circumstances are you to cum, ask to cum, or try to pull away from me. Do you understand?

Then He proceeded to taste, ravage, and completely torment me with His tongue.

There were moments I teetered dangerously close to the edge but each time I found a way to steady myself and pull back.  After what felt like an eternity, He stopped only long enough to stand up and push Himself into me.  But this time, He didn't stop. At least not until He took me all the way to the ledge and had me exactly where He wanted...

one thrust away from falling off the proverbial cliff. 

It was so achingly painful as He pulled out. I have to it possible for women to experience "blue balls"?

After that, I certainly think so!

Anyways, rather than focusing on my own desires and dwelling on what I didn't get, I quickly got up, licked Him clean of my juices and soon swallowed reward.   

Now, He's done similar things to me plenty of times before and often I am left feeling a little empty and hurt. It's usually a short-lived reaction but it's there, nonetheless.

This time was different though. 

The only thing I felt afterwards was extremely humbled.  It didn't bother me to be toyed with, used, and sent to bed. I accepted it and accepted that I have no entitlements.

Now, if I can just maintain that perspective!

Hopefully, the stress of packing and all that goes with getting ready for vacation, compounded with my mounting "tension" and lack of sleep, won't cause me unravel at the seams or blow a head gasket this week!!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Power Tower

We've had a St. Andrew's Cross for almost two years.  You know how many times Daddy has been able to take it out, set it up and incorporate it into a play session?

Maybe 3!

Turns out, it's just not a very practical piece of bondage equipment to have in a house full little people.  So, it woefully stays tucked away in the closet, lonely and pining for some action.

However, a recent piece of equipment that Daddy purchased, honestly for working out, is a perfect substitute.  It didn't take long after He put it together for devious plans to develop in that brain of His.     

Stamina Power Tower: sold by

Both arms and legs can be tied apart like the cross but the open design allows for full body access unlike the cross.  Gotta love that!

And the best part, it can be left out in the open and no one would be any wiser...unless of course, they use workout equipment for kinky purposes too!