Sunday, July 6, 2014

Not Til Vacation

Today might be the sixth of July but it also marks the sixth day since the start of my orgasm restriction.  This time has nothing to do with punishment, but it's difficult just the same. 

We leave for the beach in just about a week and will be spending seven glorious days resting and relaxing with the kids and hopefully having some fun of our own.  I guess Daddy decided to build up the anticipation, at least for me anyways.  

So starting back on July 1st, until we are on vacation, I am denied any orgasms. Not only that, but I am tasked to edge myself multiple times daily, each day choosing a different dildo. 

Yes, I am a bit ashamed to admit that I have that many

Also, I am to edge myself every night before bed, as well as any other time He commands.  In the meantime, my body, well mostly my mouth, remains available to satisfy His needs.

Now, after six days, other than not sleeping very well, I think I am holding up pretty good. At least Ms. Pouty Pants hasn't made an appearance yet!  Then again, the only day so far that He has really tormented me was the first. 

That night after making sure I had completed the day's assignment, He had me lay out on the bed. 

Under no circumstances are you to cum, ask to cum, or try to pull away from me. Do you understand?

Then He proceeded to taste, ravage, and completely torment me with His tongue.

There were moments I teetered dangerously close to the edge but each time I found a way to steady myself and pull back.  After what felt like an eternity, He stopped only long enough to stand up and push Himself into me.  But this time, He didn't stop. At least not until He took me all the way to the ledge and had me exactly where He wanted...

one thrust away from falling off the proverbial cliff. 

It was so achingly painful as He pulled out. I have to it possible for women to experience "blue balls"?

After that, I certainly think so!

Anyways, rather than focusing on my own desires and dwelling on what I didn't get, I quickly got up, licked Him clean of my juices and soon swallowed reward.   

Now, He's done similar things to me plenty of times before and often I am left feeling a little empty and hurt. It's usually a short-lived reaction but it's there, nonetheless.

This time was different though. 

The only thing I felt afterwards was extremely humbled.  It didn't bother me to be toyed with, used, and sent to bed. I accepted it and accepted that I have no entitlements.

Now, if I can just maintain that perspective!

Hopefully, the stress of packing and all that goes with getting ready for vacation, compounded with my mounting "tension" and lack of sleep, won't cause me unravel at the seams or blow a head gasket this week!!


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