Thursday, July 10, 2014

Setting the Mood

While Daddy and I were on the lake the other day, a certain song came on. It was one in particular that He has used during some of our scenes. I kind of recognized it, but honestly, music is usually the last thing on my mind.

He claims it's a great flogging song because of it's so long and has such a steady, almost hypnotic rhythm.

Is music a part of your scenes?  If so, I would really love to hear what kind of songs set the atmosphere or mood for you?


  1. Master has music on almost every time. Often I don't even hear it except at the beginning of play and the end. Now, once He downloaded the 2 albums of 2Cellos and played it during a hard season and also a fine I visited Him at His office and blew Him. I love cellos. It was perfect music for the play (which was one of the darkest scenes we've had) and while in His office.

    I'm waiting for a scene with my favorite cantata - Carmina Burana. This is my go to music when I'm in certain moods. Would love to be flogged to it.

    1. Oh wow...i looked up that cantata. I instantly recognized it, just didn't know the name. Its certainly intense!!

    2. Very intense and long. Love it!!

      I need too ask again for a scene with it.

    3. We're pretty quiet on all fronts during a flogging, but yes to Carmina Burana - just thinking about O Fortuna and it's perfect!

    4. DF, care to enlighten us on other music that is as intense as O Fortuna? I need to expand my horizon.

    5. Do I feel a post calling out to me :)

    6. Yes! Maybe you should be our guinea pig to make sure that you are are providing reliable info. :)

    7. *claps hands* oh yes...anything to help fellow bloggers inspire new posts:).