Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just the Two of Us

Daddy and I had a nice weekend together, but somehow, as usual it didn't go quite as He planned. 

Saturday night, He allowed me the pleasure of telling Him a story as I stroked Him.  I say this quite facetiously because story telling is not my favorite pastime.  This is no surprise to Him and whenever  I voice as much, His response is always "That's why I make you do it!".  What's the saying? Fake it till you make it.  Maybe one day it will sink in. 

One thing about these stories is they tend to go on and on forever until I am scrambling with plot ideas to keep it going.  This time ended up even more frustrating.  Occasional knocks at the door kept interrupting my flow of thought.  You know, I will really be glad when school starts back so the kids aren't staying up later than we are. 

To make matters worse, every time it came to a point in the story where I hesitated too long, unsure of what to say next, or He just didn't like the direction the story was headed, He simply stated "10 licks"...for displeasing Him.  No pressure...huh?

After finally getting to what He decided was a good stopping point in my story, He told me to finish Him off, but not before I had earned 30 licks to be delivered on another day.  

As we lay in bed afterwards, snuggling and talking, He said He was hopeful that Sunday might bring more private time and maybe even some play time.   

Well...let's just say that didn't happen and He felt terrible about it.  And I felt terrible about it since I was the one who made the god awful McDonald's dinner suggestion that left Him in a miserable state.

The next morning, we were back at work and I was greeted with a really sweet good morning email promising that we would makeup for the previous day.  Obviously, He doesn't have to and I understand that, but it put a smile on my face all day knowing that He was as disappointed as I was.

You can imagine just how delighted I was later that afternoon when He emailed me a link for a cabin he was booking, FOR JUST THE TWO OF US, to go away for a weekend in August!  It's so exciting to think of being alone for a whole 48 hours together but scary at the same time for a couple of reasons. 

It's always hard to leave our littlest one.  She doesn't cope very well when she's away from us, particularly at bedtime.  But...we need a break every once in a while  So she will have to suck it up this time. 

It's also scary because this means we are a cabin...out in the woods...and the possibilities for Him to find ways to torment me might actually be endless!!  Sometimes I think the only thing that saves me from the full force of His sadistic cravings is that we always have to be quiet and there's little in the way of privacy. 

When Daddy got home that evening, I was also excited because I had tried a new crock pot recipe for beef gyros.  It's not often that He doesn't enjoy something I've cooked but His reaction, and everyone else's, really stung.  My tzatziki sauce was a big flop and I got a little snippy about the whole thing.  A couple stern looks and I knew I was walking a think line so when we were alone, I genuinely apologized.  He understood why I was hurt, but mentioned that maintenance spankings would be resuming that night. I admit, I probably needed a reminder of my place and this would re-establish some structure that's been missing as of late. 

It's been a while since I have found myself waiting expectantly in our walk-in closet.  Already naked and in the display position, I heard His footsteps across the tile of the bathroom floor.  As He got closer, I heard that sound...the one of His belt sliding out of slacks. Before starting, He explained that we would be getting 10 licks of the belt and then increase by one each day, indefinitely.  But for that night, He reminded me I had an extra 30 coming to me for my story telling mistakes.

It was amazing how quickly maintenance stilled my mind, allowing me to find the right headspace again. 

But last night...the memory of it has had me in a tizzy and completely distracted all day. That shall be a story for another post!


  1. How exciting.. alone time is so important. I so understand the worry and stress of leaving a little one for a couple of days, our two year old is the same way. We have older kids as well though, and they always help out.

    I hope when the time comes, it will be a wonderful break and time away for you both. :)

    1. It is so important to have alone time and it's something we have never had much of, particularly since we have been raising kids since we got married. Our youngest is 10 and should be able to handle it but that's not really the case. So, unfortunately, she will just have to do the best she can with her older sister.

    2. Very important indeed. I so understand. We had our first a year or so after we got married. Who is now 18 and out of the house, one down. lol! I am sure they will do awesome, and you guys will have a wonderful weekend alone. :) xx