Sunday, July 13, 2014

Right Where I Want You

Friday night, amidst the flurry of last minute packing and other such pre-vacation preparations, I stood leaning against the bed, holding that damn dreaded magic wand.  I was still fully clothed and had yet to take care of my daily task.  Just looking across the room at Daddy, knowing I had to torture myself again, made me want to pitch a total fit. 

He must have seen the challenging look in my eyes because He started walking around the bed to where I was, telling me to get the look off my face.  Our eyes were locked and I knew I was pushing it but my emotions were running wild. Not only has it been two weeks of keeping myself on edge but now I was hormonal as well.

As He stood in front on me, all I could do was start laughing and crying all at the same time.  I must have seemed a bit hysterical, hell I felt a little hysterical.  After turning me around and spanking me hard, there was no more laughing, only crying.

I turned back to face Him, with my eyes lowered and tears rolling down my cheeks.  With His hand wrapped around my throat, I had to fight the urge to resist Him as He kissed me.     

Now...I almost have you where I want you.

Where exactly is it that you want me?

Don't worry...I know exactly what you need and I haven't forgotten that you have needs.  

But I don't want to do this again. 

I wouldn't expect you to want to do it again, but you will. 

Later that night, as we were drifting off to sleep I asked Him what it was that He thought I needed.

He didn't give an answer, only saying that we would talk about it later when He was more coherent.

Despite being frustrated as hell, while He was relaxed and content, I eventually fell asleep to the sound of Him already snoring.


So, yesterday was Saturday and that meant it was finally vacation day.  I decided not to bring the issue back up but while we were driving,  He made another comment about knowing what I needed. 

Please just don't tell me I only need to get off.

Well, I know you need that but I also know you need to be taken from behind with one one of my hands tightly around your throat and my other another hand grabbing a fistful of your hair. 

I couldn't say anything, but the flush in my cheeks said "YES...PLEASE!!"


  1. Oooo....hope He gives you what you need! And soon! Enjoy your vacation.