Monday, January 27, 2014

The Tale of Two Fucking Machines

Ahhh....fucking machines...what's not to love right?! 

Well, my love for these didn't come right away.  Looking back on my first experience, which was many years before my willing exploration into what we do, I really despised the whole idea of being fucked by a "machine".  Vibrators and dildos were no problem, but this was different.  I suppose it was the element of being completely out of control that bothered me most.  Not to mention, it somehow seemed uncomfortable and awkward to allow myself enjoyment from something that I viewed as unfeeling and cold.  I very much crave the touch and connection with a warm blooded live person but quite honestly, I was just flat out intimidated.  Maybe even a bit repulsed.   

This was the first one He purchased.  It's a box style called the Versa Cock.

photo courtesy of
It's about $550 dollars from and one of the benefits is the angle adjustment for use in standing positions.      

 photo courtesy of
The first time we used this, I had been blindfolded, taken to an undisclosed location and tied up, standing with the machine mounted at a 90 degree angle between my legs.  I am pretty short so to accommodate for the height of the machine, both my feet had to be on something that raised me off the ground a couple of feet. 
I can appreciate the hotness of this scene now, but at the time, I hated every second of it and hated it even more that somehow I was forced to orgasm against my will.  My attitude after this whole experience was pretty horrible, so it was tucked away not to be seen for quite a while.   

Fast forward a couple of years and we are fully immersed in our D/s relationship as well as exploring all kinds of bedroom kink that I had once been pretty opposed to.  Master decided it was time to take another crack at the fucking machine but decided to order a new one first. 

There were a couple reasons for this decision.  First of all, He wanted something that was lighter and a bit easier move and to maneuver around.  The second reason was with two fucking machines, oh....the possibilities!!! (evil grin)

This one is also from and costs about $500 not including accessories.  It's called the Sneaky Pete.

photo courtesy of

It is lightweight, easy to store, put together, and it runs ALOT smoother.  Of course, you can vary the speed from really slow to fuck your brains out fast.  It also can be set at a variety of angles, although I don't think it can do the up and down like the other one.  Unless He is going for the a double penetration scenario like I described in my one of my earlier posts, this really is the only one we use. 

We didn't really set out to have two but the fact that we do has just allowed Him the ability to fill my mouth and my pussy (or ass), while He is free to work on my body in other ways.  We have talked about my being used by two cocks at one time and this is a way to play and experiment with that fantasy in a controlled and safe way. 

One of the great things about fucking machines is you get to use such a variety of different attachments.  There are endless sizes, shapes, and textures of Vac-U-Lock dildos ranging from 5 to 10 inches long but I have to admit that Kong is my favorite (although the fake hair skeezes me out just a little).

Now if you add a Hitachi into the mix with this it's just flat out amazing!  Nothing else I can say about that.

I am not sure why we haven't tried this one....
but it just might be on my wish list! 

Another positive is...they never get tired!!  Which come to think of it can be both a blessing and a curse depending on how long your Dom wants to keep forcing orgasms out of you!  LOL!

Several people have asked me about purchasing a fucking machine versus making one and I can't really say I have an opinion.  It's just easier for us to purchase because quite frankly we aren't very handy people.  Which ever way you decide, I am sure fun will be had by all.   

Quite obviously, I no longer have the same hang ups about being fucked by a machine.  I actually rather like it and have had some of THE MOST powerful orgasms this way because of the ability to experience so many different sensations at one time.  It's amazing how my journey into submission has taught me to open my mind and stop fighting the things that bring me enjoyment and pleasure.  Just because it isn't "traditional", doesn't make it wrong or "dirty", despite what we might have been taught growing up.   OK...well maybe it is a bit dirty and naughty but only in a good way!!

Friday, January 24, 2014


I have a problem and the first step to solving the problem is admitting it...right? 

Well, apparently, I am a little OCD. 

Ok...Ok...maybe "little" is a slight understatement.  I have a bit of a problem when it comes to certain things. 

Throwing things away may be one of those things in particular.

It's not that I don't appreciate the things I have, but for the most part, things hold little sentimental value to me.  If I look around and see too much stuff, I quiet literally feel anxiety and when this mood sets in, there is very little I am not willing to toss in the trash or send to Goodwill.

My family picks on me whenever they can't find something. must have thrown it away!  Other people that know me, always joke that when they want to clean out their homes they should have me come over.   

However, my compulsion is going to get me in big trouble if not more careful.

Three times in the last two weeks, I have found myself digging through the disgusting trash to recover items mistakenly tossed.  I even had to make a visit to a dumpster, recover 3 bags of trash from my kids room, just to find doll earrings that I mistakenly thought was broken jewelry.

Apparently, I can now cross dumpster diving off my bucket list (LOL)!

Thankfully, Master hasn't seen fit to punish me even though the other day, I just happened to discard a very important piece of mail that He was expecting.  Digging through the trash did not save me in this case.  Trash day had come and gone before we realized He was missing something.   

Blinking innocently...I really did think it was an advertisement for a new credit card.

Luckily, He simply called the company and requested it be sent again but I better get this under control or next time I have a feeling I may not be so lucky.  In fact, it's probably best if I don't throw away ANY mail with His name on it.   

What's your OCD? 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 2: Photo Assignment

Master is in no way a professional but I think He has an eye for taking some really good pictures...even if we are trying to frantically get them done in the 5 minutes of privacy we may have.  He is so particular about the setting, lighting, clothes, and trying to capture what He thinks other men might find attractive. 

It's always a fun time together and it definitely pleases Him that these pictures are displayed for all to see.  Hence, the resolution that I must post at least one picture either in my blog, Fetlife, or both each week.

The idea of it all used to bother me but apparently I was deep down...a bit exhibitionist.   

Part One of the Drinking Series
Morning Coffee

Monday, January 20, 2014

All Was Not Lost

So our Saturday might not have gone as expected but we managed to find time for us much later that night.  Thankfully Master woke up feeling much better and was ready for action.  We did have to wait until the house was quiet and snuck down to the bedroom in basement where we could make a little noise without disturbing anyone.

Even with the heat running down there, it was a bit chilly so He set up the space heater to warm the room.  I removed my clothes as He requested and stood in position (legs spread and hands clasped behind my head).  The only problem was He hadn't come downstairs with any implements.  After looking around for a few moments, He found the switch that He had safety tucked away after one of our other play sessions down there.

My breathing quickened as He walked up to my left side and began softly stroking the front of my body with His left hand while holding the switch in the other.  Then came the first tap of the switch on my ass.  Then another...then another.  He continued on, changing the intensity at times from soft taps to medium thumps, just enough to leave a good sting.  His left hand continued to explore my body tracing my tits and pinching my nipples, gliding down my stomach and just ever so slightly touching  my pussy, then making the trek back up to my tits again.  I could hear myself moaning and purring with each strike.   The contrasting sensations were absolutely intoxicating, the perfect balance of pain and pleasure and I was lost.

However, His mood shifted and the air about Him grew more sadistic as He asked me to climb on the bed and lie spread-eagled.

I know you have not asked for your pussy to be spanked yet this week, but I think I am going to go ahead and do it anyways.  

Pussy spankings are certainly not my strong suit.  For some reason, I seem to be super sensitive down there, particularly when I am in a certain state of arousal.  After only a couple of what I consider soft taps, I was already wriggling and reflexively trying to close my legs which only drew His impatience with me.

Don't close your legs again! 

I really tried as the switch continued to torture me but apparently I was not very successful because He decided to change my position.  He calls this position "As You Will".

With my head positioned at the end of the bed at His groin, He pulled His cock out of His pants and told me to focus on licking it rather than focusing on my discomfort.  The position also allows Him unhindered access to my tits and pussy while sincerely limiting my ability to move.  My knees were spread apart and the switch continued to land on all the areas around on and around my pussy.

If you move again, we will stop and you will suck my dick rather than get fucked!

Each strike seemed almost more than I could bear and I could feel His agitation as I continued to struggle to maintain composure and position. Finally, I begged for mercy.

Please Master, I will choose to suck your cock.  I cannot take it.

Get up off the bed and spread your legs as far apart as you can, then bend over and put your hands on the floor.  

He brought the switch up between my legs from behind me and continued until I was straining on my tippy toes and yelping in pain.  He finally wrapped His body around my waist to hold me in place as He continued and the tears began welling up in my eyes.

Back up on the bed and spread your pussy lips as far apart as you can. 

Oh, I should admit that even as bad as it hurt with each thump, I could feel my juices dripping on my fingers as I held myself open for Him.  Damn pain slut pussy! 

When He finished, He wasn't angry but I knew He wasn't entirely happy, not even in the slightest. 

But the evening did end with hot, amazing sex and a wonderfully intense, mind blowing orgasm even though my pussy was so swollen He could barely get His cock in.

Somehow, I didn't even panic when He instructed me afterwards to use my fingers to retrieve and eat His cum from my pussy.  


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Not What I Expected

Today...a day planned just for us. 
I couldn't wait for some much needed time with Him. 
Oh...He warned there would be "plans" for me!
The house is quiet.
I find myself on my hands and knees crawling on the cold hard wood floor.
Sweat starting to form on my body. 

He is now lying down in the bed.




Not really what you were expecting...huh! 

Me either.

Don't you just love when the best laid plans go out the window?

He wasn't feeling well so I understand but it sure did suck having lost our day.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Caught Red Handed

Oh, do I have a funny or maybe not so funny story...depending on how you look at things I guess.  Probably wouldn't win the mother of the year award for this one.  But at the end of the day, my 17 year old and I really couldn't do anything but have a good laugh at my stupidity.

Last night, I sat down and logged into blogger and was thinking about making a post.  My daughter walks up and sits down at the table, apparently wanting to just chit chat.  I close all the tabs I have open and decide that it's probably just not in the cards for me to have a moment to myself. 

While we were talking, something came up about Facebook so we logged on and began Facebook stalking.  Yes...I am ashamed to admit I am somewhat of a stalker!

I am still getting use to my new laptop and some of the weird little nuisances of Windows 8 but the craziest thing happened.  My finger slides across the mouse pad and all of a sudden Facebook was gone and the photos I have saved on my computer begin parading across the screen.

Oh my gosh!  My brain to hand reflexes were on slow motion as I realize which picture is up on the  screen.  By now, my daughter is in full fledge freak out mode, throwing her hands over her face laughing and screaming...Oh my eyes are burning!  Mom...make it stop!!

This was one of the photos from the school girl series that didn't get posted earlier but just happened to be the one she saw. 

In my frantic state, I know I am making things worse trying to figure out how to exit out so I just decide to close the laptop.  Meanwhile, she is still going on and on about how she wants to claw her eyes out of her head.  My face had to be 50 shades of purple!

Of course, Master comes down and wants to know what all the fuss is about.  She can't stop laughing as she explains to Him, "Apparently Mommy got into a lot of trouble at school".

Well, we all got a good little laugh at my expense and I am pretty sure she thinks I am about as crazy as they get.  Thankfully, she has a good sense of humor, an open mind, and could laugh about it.  Hopefully, she won't be too scarred! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Those Days

Ever have those days (who am I kidding)...more like weeks or months when you just wish you had a little less of this...

And a bit more of this...

Definitely more of this...

But mostly more of this...

A girl can wish right?!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Code Red

After twenty years together, it has never changed.  THAT one week of every month, I am like a typhoid Mary that must be avoided like the plague.  Well, of course my mouth is of use, but that's about it.

The problem I have is when it ends.  Apparently, we just have a lack of communication in this regard and it seems to create issues just about every month.  I try not to be assuming and announce that it's over (hint...hint...I want some!) but He seems to lose track of time.  Meanwhile, I get my feelings hurt waiting for Him to ask if I am available. 

I have just never understood why this one thing couldn't be simpler. 

Well, Master decided to fix that!  One of the resolutions He gave me this year was to wear something red every day that I am on my cycle.  Not only did I think this was kind of corny at first but it was going to be hard to implement since my wardrobe contains maybe 2 pieces of red clothing.

Looking in my closet...I really do wear too much black! 

While, in the process of debating whether I needed to go shopping to buy a few more red items, I came up with a pretty brilliant idea!  But it had to be alright with Him first. 

Thankfully, He loved the idea. 

This ruby pendant He gave me several years ago!  Not only am I loving this resolution but this is such a lovely little solution to our age old problem! 

He's so smart:)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Getting Back in the "Swing" of Things

Yesterday, a string of golden balls subtly rocked around inside me all day continually providing that gentle reminder of Master's new expectations.

Since the kids were both out of the house after dinner for about an hour, I decided there was no better time that the present to go ahead and ask for my first "butt warming".

Master was in the office on the computer and I walked in and knelt down beside His chair.  With my head bowed and my arms extended, I offered the chosen implement of destruction.  Not sure why I picked the Dragon Tooth to start with but I was feeling in a stingy kind of mood.  He needed the break away from what He was working on.  He's been so stressed lately...this would do Him as much good as it would me. 

With a grin on His face, He took the Dragon Tooth from my hands we headed off to the bedroom.  It was really cold so He told me I could leave my sweater on, just pull off my pants, and lie face down on the bed with my legs spread as far apart as possible.  It's amazing how quick one can break into a sweat when that first strike makes contact.  I really wished I had taken the sweater off when I had the chance!

Dragon Tooth 
I had been fairly warned that there would be little mercy taken during these spanking sessions so I was second guessing my choice of implement pretty quickly.  Not that any other implement would have necessarily been a "better" option but the dragon tooth is kinda unique in that it will provide both stingy and thuddy depending on what portion of the implement you are using to make contact.  With each slap my feet tried to curl up towards my butt, and I struggled to get into any good space because each time it made contact, it was in a different place, at a different intensity, and varied between the stingy and thuddy.  All it took though was for Him to place his hand on my ankle at one point, and that physical contact with Him was enough to help me calm and center before He resumed.
Being that I haven't had spankings in quite a while, my bum was certainly welted and on fire by the time He finished.  I wanted to just lie there and not move but I was quickly reminded that my task was not quite complete.  Despite barely being able to turn over and put pressure on my very sore flesh, I had no problem tending to my business as He disappeared back to the office.  I think He was surprised at how quickly I came in to let Him know I was done!". 

The rest of the night, all I could think is what the hell am I going to offer for my pussy spanking!?  I can't think of a single implement that I would "like" used down there to that degree.  How much trouble do you think I would get into if I showed up with a feather?  evil grin

All joking aside, I am open to suggestions if you have any... 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cold Fries and Cum: The Prelude

Thank you to one of my readers for requesting that I complete this story!  I never actually got back to writing what happened BEFORE the Cold Fries and Cum.  I meant to...had started it and deleted it several times.  Unfortunately, this was during my writing dry spell where I just had a problem finding the words for anything.  So here goes another try.

It was one of those rare late afternoons when we had the house all to ourselves.  Master was on the bed watching a football game.  Don't remember which one but I snuggled up to Him subtly suggesting a little action.  I wasn't quite prepared for His response and was a bit disappointed at first.

He insisted that I strip and lay there playing with myself while He watched the game. 

You are going to cum as many times as possible and you may not stop until I say so.

Being an object of someone's attention is usually quite hot, but I was not necessarily the object of His attention as much as I was merely a side show.  Being extremely horny though, I wasn't objecting (not that I could anyways).

Have you ever tried to enjoy yourself when someone isn't paying attention...and the game is blaring in the background?  I found out it wasn't as easy as it seemed but luckily, with the help of my never fail Magic Wand, I finally succumbed to several rockin' orgasms.  I would have been completely satisfied at this point, but the look on His face said you are no where near done. 

Get the clothespins and put them on your nipples.

Adding just that little extra stimulus and pain along with the vibrator brought about another couple of orgasms pretty quickly.

Now take one of the clothespins off as you cum.  Then the next time you get ready to cum again, put it back on.  Then do the same thing for the other nipple.

Wow...four more ouchie orgasms!  But really...the coordination it takes to put a clothespin on your nipple during an orgasm is a little baffling 

Take the clothespin off and go get something to put in your ass and pussy.

I hopped off the bed and fumbled around in our toy cabinet until I found the right dildo and a plug.  The plug I got was too small so He sent me back to the closet for a larger one.  Laying back on the bed, I inserted the plug and the dildo and went back to vibrating.  My body was already so exhausted and screaming to stop but I kept going as He wished, pressing my ass into the bed to make sure the plug stayed in.  Oh....I could even rock back and forth to feel it move just slightly in and out. 

With my left hand, I worked the dildo in and out of my pussy and with the right, I continued to vibrate.  The change in stimulus and the feeling of being so completely full was making me absolutely crazy easily led to several more orgasms.

During this time, I had been vaguely aware that Master was up and moving around the bedroom  He went to the closet and brought out both of the fuck machines.  He also pulled the restraints from underneath the bed.  As He assembled the fuck machines, I continued and the orgasms were now almost rolling from one into another.  I think this was the first time I had ever been pushed past that wall.  You know the one when you are so sensitive that you can't bear anything else touching you and you can't even think about getting off.  Now it was so sensitive that it was actually getting easier!

I was beginning to lose count when Master took the vibrator from my hands and mounted it onto a stand.  Carefully, He placed the head of the wand on my overly swollen clit and began strapping my legs spread eagle on the bed.  Just the act of being tied down caused my body to shudder uncontrollably under the vibrator again and again. Each orgasm now seemed to be forcibly escaping my body and the guttural sounds coming from me, I didn't even recognize as my own. 

My wrists are now cuffed and secured to bed above my head, and the plug still firmly embedded in my ass.  With my legs spread wide, He began to move the fuck machine into place so that it was now filling my pussy with each long stroke of the machine.  The second fuck machine was placed on the bed to the right side of my body with the arm extending towards my face.  He mounted a rather large dildo to the end and instructed me to roll my head over and take it in my mouth.  He turned it on, making sure that each stroke was going far enough into my mouth that it would touch the back of my throat but not quite enough to choke me. 

And with that, He announced that He was going to make Himself some dinner.  He closed and locked the door on His way out. 

Are you shitting me?!  He just left me here!  The humiliation of it ALL!! 

My stomach was growling, my body was tired, and I would have done anything to get up off my back.  As I laid there being pumped from both ends, it really bothered me that I had no idea how long He would be gone. 

Had He done this before I had 20 or so orgasms, it probably would have been much more enjoyable.

But eventually, my body couldn't deny the rhythmic strokes in my mouth and pussy.  The dildo in my mouth muffled any screams that were trying to escape as I came yet again...and then again even though my body had nothing left to give.

I heard the lock in the door and Master returned with some food...thankfully.  Or at least so I thought!  And well, you know the rest of the story:) 




Thursday, January 2, 2014

Let it Go

What a way to start the New Year! 

The loss of something near and dear to me.  The loss of one of my very own appendages. 

Don't worry, not on my body.  MY CELL PHONE!!  Literally, my phone is attached to me at all times, especially since I usually have well let's just say questionable material on it.

Sometime while we were out on New Year's Eve, I must have lost it.  I retraced all my steps, searched high, and low and can only assume at this point, it is in the grubby paws of someone who hopefully enjoys my naked pics...cause many of them were there. life was in that small little device.  Until the last year or so, I have never become so dependent on something.  Hell, I even have reminders set for my chores. 

Needless to say, I was really bummed yesterday when I realized that finding it was hopeless.  Mostly, I was completely frustrated at myself for being careless, and mad that my mistake was going to cost us money that we didn't need to spend.  He worked hard on our budget for this new year and here I go and screw it up on the very first day.

Finally, I sat on the couch and sighed.  Master said, "let it go".  My response...But I am so upset with myself!

What He said next left me in shock. 

I understand...I would be upset too.  But you have one hour to be mad or pout and then I want you to let it go.

Rather than chastising me for being careless as I thought might happen, or dismiss my frustrations as He might have done in our previous life, He actually gave me the freedom to feel what I was feeling.

I sat there for a few moments and then got up to go help my daughter re-arrange her room.  I didn't even want to stay mad anymore.  He took control of it that easily.

Come to think of it, now that I put in words, how did He allow me the freedom to my feelings but in essence still controlled them?  Does that even make sense? 

Wow...He's good!



Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I hope everyone celebrated the start to the New Year in whatever way made you happy.  We enjoyed a night out to dinner and a movie without the kids.  There were no end of the year fireworks except the ones going off outside in the neighborhood but that's ok.  After looking at the list of "resolutions" Master handed me at dinner, I was thankful for a night of vanilla to prepare for what starts today.

Personally, I don't believe in making resolutions.  If I am convicted enough to do something or change something about myself, I feel that is something I can do anytime of the year.  And quite honestly, some of the things on this list I don't even want to do.  So that would not make them resolutions but "tasks" rather.  Anyway, I am arguing semantics that aren't really important.  What's important is now I have certain expectations on top of my already established ones.

2014 "Resolutions"

1) Post a photo on Fet once a week (pose of His choosing)

2) Wear red everyday while on my period (so He knows when I am available and when I am not)

3) Everyday that I am not on my period, I must keep something in my pussy all day

4) Every Friday and Saturday night, I must wear the butterfly vibrator while I sleep (or apparently try to sleep)

5) There will be 3-15 VERY intense weekend training sessions, designed to break me down and build me up over the coming year.

6) Join a gym and train there consistently.

7) During the warmer months, maintain a tan, spray or sun doesn't matter.

8) Once a week, I will bring Master something to spank me with.  I am to kneel in front of Him with the implement extended and ask me to thoroughly punish my ass, understanding that I will be shown little mercy once He begins.  He may choose to dismiss me without punishment but either way I am to immediately go masturbate to orgasm afterwards and let Him know when I am done.

9) Same as #6 except this time I am to ask for my whore's pussy to be spanked, understanding that I will be tied down with my legs pulled back towards my head and I will be shown little mercy once He begins.  Again, He may choose not to spank me but either way I am to immediately go masturbate to orgasm afterwards and let Him know when I am done.

10) This one I would rather keep private for the time being maybe I am not perfect:)
11) Wash the cars in short-shorts and a light color tube top this summer, no matter who is around.

Won't the neighbors be thrilled!
12)  Reach out and begin cultivating friendships with other women and try to meet with them once a month

13) Get back to attending local munches

Some of these aren't so bad, but some of them I really don't look forward to.  Luckily, I just clarified with Him that these are to begin the first full week of January.  So I have a small reprieve until Monday! 

If it could only be this simple...:)

Wishing you all a Happy and Kinky New Year!