Monday, September 15, 2014

A Tale of Three Implements

So Daddy implemented a new expectation, or rule if you will. Well, actually, it's not completely new. It was something in my list of rules already that had been put on hold. He has made a slight modification and it is now back in force.

The Rule:

Before performing any sexual services, I am to present Him with one of three, somewhat quiet, implements.

The switch...

The fly swatter...

Or the loopy! (oh how I hate the loopy)

A couple of conditions though:

The same implement shouldn't be offered twice in a row...

And He may or may not intend to use it but it still must be offered.

These have all been tucked away between the mattress and box spring on my side of the bed, so they are ready at a moments notice

So I know it's probably going to happen, but here's hoping I don't forget. I thought maybe writing it down here would help commit it to memory.

Of course, this must have inspired Him to take a more thorough look-see at my rules, I presume to jog His memory on things I am supposed to be doing and make some other minor updates.

Darn if He didn't point out a couple things I have been neglecting, not purposely I should add. But yeah, I don't have much in the way of reasonable defense. Not that having a good defense matters. It's supposed to be done....period. And I didn't communicate that I was having problems completing said tasks. I am to remind Him to take care of those infractions tonight.

 Yikes....guess I will have knots in my stomach the rest of the day!


  1. If you alternate between switch and fly swatter, you'd never have to touch the loopy :)
    Good luck for tonight.

    1. Now why didn't I think of that?! I wonder how long it would take before he recognizes the pattern:) Probably no time at all if he reads this post and!! Thanks for the luck.


  2. Oo, interesting! Ee, my Daddy/Sir has so many tools, I don't know if I could keep track. lol

    Good luck tonight! :)


    1. I can relate to the too many tools;) They seem to turn up in every drawer in our bedroom somehow. My oldest asked the other day why we had a spatula on the dresser. Oops!