Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Woods are Lovely

...continued from A Little of This...And A Lot of That

My bottom had been paddled so thoroughly, I couldn't bear the thought of sitting down as we ate dinner so we stood at the kitchen island enjoying the steak and baked potatoes Daddy had prepared.  I ate just past the point of being full, knowing that I would probably be needing my energy.

After dinner settled, He sent me upstairs to the bedroom with instructions to be ready for more cock sucking.  As I used my mouth on Him, I hoped that He would notice how intensely I wanted and needed Him. As if He was reading my mind, He told me to stop and ride Him til he came.  Knowing this meant I would still be expected to go without, it was hard to keep the hurt and frustration from consuming me.  It's moments like these when I feel most vulnerable...when my desire is so great but my desire to please is even greater.  But as I laid my head on His chest while He basked in the afterglow of His own release, His words stung even more.

"If you do everything right, I may let you cum on Sunday".

Well doesn't that just let the wind out of your sails when you are alone together for a weekend.  I just tried to put on my brave girl face and told Him I understood.

A few moments later, he told me to resume the paddling position.  This time the paddle was almost unbearable.  Maybe it was my deflated ego.  Maybe it was the reality of feeling like nothing more than a play toy for Him mentally and physically.  Maybe he really was paddling harder.  All I can say for sure is that He didn't stop paddling until the tears were freely flowing, and then went just a little longer.  I think it may have been the first time ever that I actually considered yelling at Him to stop.

But again, He must have read my mind.  He stopped and stood me up, folding me into His arms, petting and telling me that I had been a "good girl".  Usually I adore hearing these words but at times like these, that phrase some how just stirs the battle already raging in my head.  If He thinks I did a good job, I should accept that instead of telling myself that somehow I don't deserve that praise...that I somehow I didn't take enough or that I just can't take enough.  I realize now that He wanted to, that night, break down my defenses and whatever walls I had been putting up.  It wouldn't have mattered how much or how little I could have taken, His goal was to simply push until my emotions were set free.

With no time to waste, He sent me off to fetch the two dildos He packed and "entertain" myself for a little while.  Of course, I couldn't enjoy it too much.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, I only half-heartedly rode the two plastic giants. From the other room, He took notice and commented that He expected it to look sexier.  I laid back and allowed myself to get a little more lost in what I was doing.  After probably 30 minutes or so, He decided to up the ante and walked over and unzipped His pants, leaned over me and filled my mouth, my only remaining hole with His cock.

Wow!! Now we're talking:)  This went from just ok...to HOLY HOTNESS in about 2 seconds flat.  I really wanted to cum right then and it only got worse when He shifted down to between my legs and replaced the dildo in my pussy with Himself, leaving the other one still in my backside.  He continued to remind me how I couldn't cum until Sunday and even though I hated the words, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.
I want you to get yourself to the edge.  Stop holding back.

But I don't think I will be able to pull back.

I said get yourself to the edge on my cock right now!

It didn't take long and I was right there, knowing the moment I asked permission, He would deny me. In fact He had already told me I wasn't allowed and not even to bother asking.  So now, I was really in a situation.

I was scared, not wanting to disappoint Him by going over the edge at all but even more so by not having permission. So as I was almost to the point of no return, I asked anyways, assuming I would be told NO.  Somehow, I shut it down just before I heard the words, "cum you slut!".  Oh, did I miscalculate that one and He was pretty unhappy.

Once you ask permission, if I tell you to cum...you better cum.  If I tell you not to, you better not.  You don't get to decide to shut it down before you've heard the answerBut you're lucky, I am going to let you try that again. 

Relief finally came.  It was intense, almost to the point of painful but that didn't matter.  I was so thankful and completely spent.  After a little recovery, the evening ended with more cock sucking and another paddling.  We finally collapsed in the bed, snuggled up together, and enjoyed the best night of sleep we've had in a long time.  While there was still plenty of sex and paddling, the rest of the trip was much more tame.  Hell, we wore ourselves out in the first 6 hours:)

You know, it's probably a good thing we don't get nights like that very often.  There is something to be said for pacing yourselves!



  1. Oh! oh! this was so damn hot.

    *sigh* so need an uninterrupted weekend


    1. Awww...thank Tori! Glad you liked it. I know I sure did. I hope you can get some uninterrupted time soon. Everyone needs that!! We hadn't had a single night alone in over a year so it was definitely time:)


  2. Oh holy hotness!!! Its so important for time like these away from parental responsibilities to just remember who you are as a couple. And I'm happy for your sake that he let you come and gave your ass a break for the rest of the weekend. Sounds like a great weekend!


    1. Thanks Bonnie! It really was a great weekend. I definitely think we need more of them like that.