Saturday, September 20, 2014

For Your Pleasure

It was time to pay the piper so to speak.  I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, that I had inadvertently neglected some of my chores.  To be more specific, I had not been washing the cars and had not been as diligent as I should about the toilets.

Just to clarify, the cars...well there isn't much I can say except that there never seemed to be enough time and if there was, the weather seemed to be gloomy.  Honestly though, Daddy had been pretty lenient on that and I probably took a little advantage.  Now the toilets...well that was a matter of failed delegation on my part.  Let's just say, you better believe those girls of mine are not going to get me in trouble again.

So punishment came.  I entered the closet, stood facing the wall in display position and took my swift twenty licks of the paddle, not fun ones by any stretch of the imagination.  My cheeks wore the red rounded imprint of the paddle for hours. 

But also in the closet was a strange contraption.  In reality, it was a microphone stand he rigged for kinky purposes.  I don't know how easy it will be to picture in your mind but it stood a little taller than myself  and looked like a large T.  Daddy had looped twine around each arm the T and left a couple feet of twine hanging on both the front side and back side.

My eyes couldn't help but travel to the two ends of twine where the clover clamps were fastened.  

The look of THAT is pretty scary!

Oh, there's nothing to be scared of. thinks differently...

As I remained facing the wall of the closet, with my hands clasped behind my back, He positioned the stand right up behind me and brought one of the pieces of twine, with attached clover clamp, down over my shoulder and attached it upside down to my nipple.  Then did the same for my left nipple.  Obviously, I wondered what he would do with the two ends of twine still dangling over the back side of the stand.

Well, that was answered soon enough when I heard the jingle of weights. I tried to remind myself to  to breathe as the twine grew taunt and the full force of gravity pulled down from behind me, pulling  my nipples upwards. I think it's pretty fair to say this was somewhat uncomfortable!

Daddy walked around to my side and placed a ping pong ball against the wall.  He told me to lean forward, my own body weight now also pulling against the clamps, until my nose could hold the ball in place.

I thought He would just have me hold this for a few minutes.  But as He walked out of the closet, He reminded me that the ball BETTER NOT FALL and He would be back to check on me periodically during His workout....and add weight each time He returned.  Gulp

I stood there thinking is this really happening?

Then I heard the sound of the elliptical start up and the squeaking sound it makes while someone is on it and I had my answer. sure is.  I didn't know whether to be upset or think it was hot.   

At first, all I could think about was how my nipples felt like they were on fire and I tried so hard not to move a muscle.  But I also thought how silly I must look with this darn ball.  Eventually, my mind kind of wandered, focusing less on the pain, and more on why I was in this situation in the first place. I thought about how I would try harder and not take any of my chores for granted. 

I had no way to count the time but I figured it was somewhere around 5 minutes when I heard the elliptical stop.  Maybe He was just testing me and not going to put on more weight.  Maybe He was coming in to let me loose.

Nope!  That was not the case. 

At this point, the pain was pretty steady, but tolerable, and actually, I barely felt the additional weight.  I tried to ask Him how much longer and was disappointed when He ignored me and returned to His workout.  While He was gone this time, I thought more about the stupid little ball in front of me.  Toying with it, rolling it around just a little but not enough to make it fall.

Again no words when spoken when He returned, only the rattle of more weight and I don't remember feeling much at that point, in fact, I was getting pretty sleepy.  There were no thoughts, just waiting.

This time when He returned, He spoke.  It was gruff as He told me to back up and turn around.  I winced as the clovers pulled against the direction I was moving so He moved the stand with me.  Once He had direct access to my nipples, He took the ball and shoved it between my teeth.  This ended up being a really good idea because when those clovers came off it helped muffle my screams and sobs.  Wow...did that extra weight make it so terribly painful as they blood rushed back in.

Immediately, He plunged His hand down between my legs...

That's what I thought...

You can stop that crying.

The spanking was your punishment...

The last 20 minutes has been for your pleasure.  

And here I thought the whole thing was punishment!


  1. " I didn't know whether to be upset or think it was hot."

    Holy shrek, I don't know how many times I have had those kinds of thoughts feelings! lol. Hot post. As usual! :)


    1. Haha. glad you understand those thoughts and feelings! Glad you liked the post.

  2. Well, from this side of the computer it was hot! :)

    1. Thanks Misty! It always seems hotter after the fact when I go back and write it than when I was actually experiencing it.


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you sub hub. So glad you liked it! Thank you for stopping by:)