Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Introduction to Breath Play

Something new...So exciting and just a tad scary!!

He typically plays this little game, forcing me down on Him until my airway is blocked and then tells me when I can come up for a brief moment of air.  Up until the other night, this had been my only touch of experience with breath play.

But the other night was different and yummy!!

I can't say that I got off on not being able to breath but I certainly responded well to the control Daddy was exerting over me.   

It all started while I was lying on the bed, flat on my stomach.  With my feet crossed and toes pointed, my arms down by my side and palms up, and my head turned to the side, He straddled my legs and pushed Himself inside me from behind, using the full weight of His body to render me immobile.  Not that we practice gorean, but for those of you familiar with the gorean positions, the best way to describe this is a cross between "belly" and "bara", with my arms and hands in the "belly" position and my legs in the "bara" position.

This is absolutely one of my FAVORITE positions by the way...feeling the weight of His body on me, not being able to move...His mouth on the back of my neck...His hands grabbing my hair and pulling my head back...His voice right in my ear...

ahhh....oh my goodness...

oh wait...back to breath play!!

This time, though He pulled the pillow in front of my face and pushed my head down, telling me I wasn't allowed to breath until He gave me permission.

This was ok, but I failed to mention to Him that I could still kind of breath through the pillow.  Nevertheless, I felt the moisture running down my legs and we both knew He was on to something. He did that a couple times, each time letting me up for a quick breath before ordering my face back down into the pillow.

Just when I thought it was over, He turned me over on my back.  As He continued to move inside me, He told me we were going to try it again.

Keep your mouth closed tight.

Being face to face was quite different.  I could see the intensity in His eyes as He reached up and pinched my nose closed.  This time, I really couldn't breath AT ALL.  And I started to panic after just a few seconds.  My body began bucking, my arms started flailing around and I had to gulp in a breath.  I'm pretty sure this wasn't one of my sexier moments:) 

One more time and don't breath until I tell you to.

This time I didn't fight it.  I started counting in my mind kind of like I do with spankings and stayed focused on relaxing my body.  When He did see that I was starting to struggle, He counted down a few more seconds before letting me breath.

So, all in all, I guess the case could be made that I liked it.  Of course, as usual, He claims that certain parts of me LOVED it!


  1. We have played a little with breath control and my first reaction was the same as you.... panic. When you can relax into it and trust him, its an amazing feeling.

    1. It's funny because it wasn't something that appealed to me in the slightest, nor him I think. But it did turn out to be something kind of fun and hot. I am learning that really it's not the activity that I enjoy, like you said it's that relaxing and trusting that makes it amazing.

  2. We do a little of this. Oh, how intoxicating it can be. He doesn't hold me long, we have no intent on making me fuzzy, but it is the act of him controlling even my breaths that is just truly intoxicating.

    1. Hi Pearl! You are was the act of him controlling me in that way that made it intoxicating. The more I think back on it, the more I think I really liked it. I do have to admit, I wouldn't want to fuzzy but I guess the more you practice, maybe the longer you can hold it.