Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Your hand grabs firmly around my throat.

So possessive and intoxicating.

Your voice tells me not a sound should escape my lips.

So powerful and seductive.

In the silence, the beast takes what is His.

In the silence, my body is on fire, but without a voice, how can I seek permission?

Your needs and desires...that's my purpose.

So I submit to this fate.

Your voice then commands me to let go, still not a sound should escape my lips.

In the silence, every touch is like electricity moving between us.

In the silence, I can only scream inside my own head as you extinguish the flames that consume me.  

continued from Just the Two of Us


  1. Beautiful! You captured what is in my head too!


    1. Thank you faithful! I always love to hear when my thoughts resonate with someone else's thoughts and experiences:)

  2. Absolutely perfect!