Saturday, June 28, 2014

Unintended Consequences

As I sit here today, on my very sore and bruised ass, I think back to last night standing in closet.
Daddy said I asked for it...yet I don't specifically remember asking for it. 

He pointed out that I had been dancing around all evening and shaking my butt all over the place.  And If I intended to entice Him, it had worked. maybe I did asked for it without saying the words.

But the last thing on my mind was a spanking. Guess I had really forgotten what a good one of those was like, it's been so long.

20 objects of my choice...
10 licks with each...
200 licks total

Maybe, I ought to have been more careful with some of my choices...just saying!


  1. It never fails. Before the moment, I'm "yes, I want that one" and after the moment "why did I choose that one". Done of your choices look fun. Some look like it could be used in other parts and made it even worse.

    The sore bottom is always a great!

    1. Of all of them. .the darn shrimp peeler was the WORST! He laughed when he saw it but I assure you...i was not laughing after!

      Sore bottom even hurt today while I was jogging:)

  2. 20 choices! Couldn't you have collected 20 feathers from somewhere ;-)
    Amazing what you can find lying around!

    1. I assure you...that thought did cross my mind. However, would hate to endure the consequences for such a sassy