Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fleeting Thought

This past weekend, I was thankful to feel so deliciously sore and sated.  It had been a couple weeks since feeling Heron's touch or receiving any pleasure myself, other than orally servicing Him of course. So He made sure that I was quite indulged.  Two days in a row even!

But of course, there always that moment when I realize such luxuries come at a price and this time was no exception.  As I laid on the bed, still soaking up His full attention and affections, He explained my impending doom. 

A period of extended denial that would begin at the conclusion of the weekend. Now how long, I don't really know.  I assume weeks, maybe a month.   

I kick myself though because no matter how many times I've been here before, it remains difficult to still my thoughts to this situation. Rather than continuing to enjoy the moment, my mind had already jumped ahead to the "what's to come". But I suppose that's part of what He enjoys...feeling me mentally squirm, watching as the panic sets in while He describes all the ways He intends to torment me in the (un)coming weeks.

Surely, allowing me several orgasms over the weekend would at least help during the first few days of my going without but it is most certainly NOT.  It's not often that I get to enjoy the full pleasure of His body and mouth, and now it's all I can think about.  Then that little voice in my head reminds me that constant craving will not be quenched any time soon.  

My brain is already such a jumbled mess, and even though I'm supposed to be preparing for this week's "story time", I can't put anything reasonable together with the distraction of this throbbing between my legs. 

While pillaging the internet last night, hoping to find inspiration for my upcoming story, I even considered breaking the rules and touching myself.  The pictures really did me in. 

He wouldn't have to know...obviously a fleeing thought, but a thought nonetheless.

I know He's got me right where He wants me.  I'm just not exactly sure where that is and what He intends to do with me.


  1. Oh my, stay strong. You can do it.

    1. Haha! Thanks! I'm going to need a good bit of luck to stay strong with all the stress of the holidays right around the corner and no relief in sight!

  2. I can empathize with you little girl. Over the course of our FLM, I have actually come to wish that Mistress will not allow me to orgasm as a way to help keep my desires at their peak. I can honestly say that the very favorite thing I am allowed to do sex wise is to worship her body. I've talked about it before on my blog but the feeling is so incredibly intense that I have actually been on the edge of coming by just being allowed to worship her. She even wanted me to try and cum while worshipping her naked body without any direct stimulation to my cock. Although I was so very close, all it took was for her to gently pinch the loose skin of my balls for a second for me to actually produce an ejaculation. It was the most incredible thing I had ever experienced because it came as a direct result of my lust for my Mistress. I was very proud and Mistress was very proud of me.

    I love not knowing what, if anything, I will be expected to participate in or be denied from being able to participate in. As long as I have the ability to being the presence of and sleep with her every night, I am a happy submissive husband.

    Congratulations on being allowed orgasms and having the pleasure of your Master's mouth to provide you pleasure. Just know that it was something that he enjoyed more than he is probabl willing to let you know. You are a very lucky little girl.

    Great post. Thank you.

    1. Thank you sub hub for your comment and your encouragement. I do feel extremely lucky. To me, Heron is the perfect balance of strong and strict but yet loving and tender.

      I admit, I have often admired your strength and resolve to stay on the edge. Oftentimes, I end up losing that edge if I go too long without. It's like I am hyper stimulated for a while and when that desire goes unfulfilled too long, my body just shuts it off. That's amazing that you were able to cum from so little stimulation! Your Mistress does have alot to be proud of. Your love, devotion, and submission is so apparent in every post and comment that you write:)