Monday, January 19, 2015

Marks of a Different Kind

It's been cold here.  Well's pretty much been cold everywhere.  But what cold means for me is that I am not required to come to bed naked, unless of course Daddy says I should.

The other night I was standing beside the bed, taking my clothes off and debating on whether to put on pajamas.  It wasn't too cold and I knew He was waiting for me to come take my usual place of worship but He must have seen the momentary debate I was having in my head.

If you come to bed with no clothes, there may be consequences.

Well...since you put it like that, it's certainly a risk I'm willing to take.

I hopped in bed, without clothes and began stroking and caressing His cock until it came to life.

After several minutes He told me to get on my back.  I was beyond thrilled that He was going to use my body, not just my mouth and for the most part, it all started off very vanilla.  Then, something in Him changed.  He became almost animal like as He began feeding on my neck. Instantly, shock waves of excitement coursed through my body.     

I knew that He would leave marks and after He stopped and did it again, I knew He meant to leave marks.  He alternated sides, telling me to turn my head. giving Him better access to continue His frenzy.

After we were done, He told me to go check and see how bad it was in the mirror.  There were no less than seven marks around my throat and some places He had sucked so hard they actually hurt.  

In the twenty-two years we have been intimate with each other, He has never marked me (at least not where anyone could see).  I would have been mortified by the idea of wearing passion marks. 

But was hot, and now, I am quite proud to wear any kind of marks that display His ownership of me. 

Besides, that's what scarves are for, right?!