Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Bit of Conditioning

Isn't it quite ironic how our words can so easily come back to haunt us? 

Take for instance our blogs.  The one place where we can freely talk about our experiences good or bad, our likes, our dislikes, and sometimes our inner most feelings. 

Our blogs are not only a glimpse into our most secret world but maybe more importantly it's a chance for our Dominant partner to evaluate how we are processing these experiences. 

So let's talk about a recent revelation I made in the post But Am I Really A Masochist?

I made the statement to the effect of despising the use of pain on certain girly bits, but my ass, on the other hand, had seemingly become somewhat conditioned to spankings/pain. 

Well, here's the funny not so funny part of my story.

In reading my post, as Heron reads all of them, I guess He didn't read that statement for it's literal meaning but instead interpreted it as me saying "PLEASE...OH PLEASE condition my other girly bits".

Now I am pretty sure that's not what I meant, but apparently He's on a mission.  A mission of teaching me to accept that regardless of what I say about it, or even think about it, the simple fact is my body responds to it favorably and I should learn to simply embrace that fact.         

So beginning this past Monday, conditioning began with 5 licks to each nipple and 10 to my pussy using the riding crop.  


W...T...F!!  If you enjoy the movie The World's End with Simon Pegg like we do you will get the reference, LOL!

Today is only the third day, and we're already up to 20 on each nipple and 40 downstairs.  

I probably don't want to hear the answer, so I haven't asked how many more days of "conditioning" He intends.  But if He keeps it up all the way to the end of the week, He may find me hiding in a closet!!


  1. Oh yes, my Dom always infers student than I imply. It's frustrating at times, but if so delicious too.

    Yikes! Doubles each day? Your girly parts will be in shock not conditioned.

    Good luck!

  2. lol at HS in shock comment, my thoughts too.

  3. Lol! You ladies crack me up! I probably shouldn't say this too loud, don't want him to hear...but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I think as the number goes up, the intensity does not, so that helps. We will is 40 and 80. Yikes! Maybe he'll forget:)

  4. Ouchie is there any end in sight? While tormenting my nipples and breasts and slapping my privates are turn ons, that amount - ohh, eek, could do me in :-)

    1. Actually mother nature saved me. She showed up this evening and early even!!