Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wouldn't Change a Thing

Continued from By Candlelight...

After a lovely dessert, I stood in the middle of the bedroom, my ankles were bound tightly together and my wrists were secured behind my back.  The tower stood ominously over me as rope dangled down from either side of the bar up above my head.  Clover clamps bit down angrily on my nipples, as Heron tied one end of the rope to the chain dangling between my breasts.  The other end of the rope was then connected to a weight laid on the floor.

He continued hoisting and shortening the rope, drawing the clamps into an upside down V, until I had no choice but to stand on my tippy toes.  Cold sweat covered my body and even the slightest of movements brought fresh waves of pain through my nipples.

After standing and watching my near motionless struggle for a couple of minutes, He grabbed a magazine and took a seat several feet away.  Trying to remain focused on my breathing, the fire in my calves grew and soon burned greater than the fire in my nipples.  He seemed only mildly interested in the fact that my legs were beginning to shake and I was teetering in place.

Thinking that my body couldn't be pulled any more taunt that it already was, I watched as He set the magazine down and nonchalantly walked over and stood beside me.  First, He kicked at the weight pushing it several more inches away and then blinding white pain shot through me as He shortened the rope even more. Struggling to stand even higher on my toes, I know that I whimpered, and yelped, and begged for Him to stop.  Everything else got kind of fuzzy until the clamps came off and the astronomical pain brought me back to the here and now.

Now, tied spread eagle on the bed, the throbbing, aching pain still radiated through my nipples giving the feeling that were still clamped..  I was just glad to be lying down though.  The fatigue had really begun to set in, but I kept on, wanting to endure for Him.      

It had been so long since I had felt our bodies connect, I secretly hoped this was the point in the evening that He would finally take me. But instead, I felt the pinch of my labia being clamped and pulled open. Gasping as I laid completely open, there was an odd mix of excitement, embarrassment, and vulnerability in feeling so exposed.

But quickly, any inhibitions I had were driven away as He forced one orgasm after another from me for nearly an hour.  Eventually the clamps slid off my lips, but He continued working me with the Hitachi and dildo until I was too far gone to even realize I was saying "things".  Usually words do not escape my lips, even in fits of passion unless He is prompting some kind of response.  But that wasn't the case this time...or so I'm told.  Some things were merely unintelligible mumblings, while some things were quite clear.  Never hearing me lose myself in such a way, He thought it was about the hottest thing He'd ever experienced. 

Sore and completely spent, He simply held me and brought me back from whatever place I had been.  As I drifted off to sleep, I couldn't help but accept that while the night hadn't been at all what I thought it was going to be, it was still a great night!


  1. Such an incredible ending to the evening. I can't begin to imagine how you felt when all was said and done. The two of you have an amazing relationship. Hugs.

    1. says in a Forrest Gump voice.."I was pretty tired". No really, I did feel pretty spacey but a good spacey:).

      And thank you...I think he's pretty darn good for me. We balance each other out well. Hugs back!!