Monday, February 23, 2015

Saddle Sore

Why the hell do I let you do this to me? 

This might have just come out of my mouth at least once during the fifteen or so minutes I spent on the horse.  I assure you...a lot worse wasn't said! 

Desperately, I tried not to move a muscle.  I closed my eyes, breathing through the pain.  Which doesn't get more bearable as you sit there, mind you.  It aches and aches and only gets worse.  

So let's go back to how it all started that night last week...

After dinner, while He was upstairs, I knelt at His feet, as I do quite often when He is playing a video game.  Most of the time, He continues playing but this time He turned the game off and told me to get undressed.

I knew it was time and I wanted to run and hide. 

Walking to the closet, He took out the horse and set it in the middle of the room.  Being that I am pretty short, He had to get a chair so that I could reach high enough to throw one of my legs over.  Very carefully, I lowered myself down until the wooden V shaped edge of the horse was most definitely rammed up between my legs and was supporting nearly my full body weight  Truth be told, my inner thighs were locked against the sides, trying to take some of the load.

As I sat there, He walked around the horse, putting on my ankle and wrist cuffs.  He attached rope to each of the cuffs, then tied the ropes from my left side of my body to the bedroom door knob several feet away to my left.  The ropes on the right arm and leg were tied to the foot board of the bed, also several feet away but to the right.

My arms were completely outstretched, while my legs were not pulled tight, but just enough that it took away my ability to use my leg muscles to ease the pressure.

It was already almost more than I could bare as I watched Him walking back over to me, this time with the clover clamps in His hands.  I couldn't imagine that pain on top of the other pain. It's not often that I beg but this time I sure did.  Of course it didn't work.  I think my pleas only served to fuel His sadistic fire.

At this point, I had easily already been on the horse for close to ten minutes.  Standing back and taking in the sight of my helpless body, He grinned and commented about how great I looked.  Ha....I didn't feel great.  Then, He walked over in my direct line of sight and got on the treadmill.

Now, I expected the pain to be intense.  But what I didn't expect was how badly it would hurt in my butt crack!! I couldn't move even a fraction of an inch without the pain being excruciating.  At least if I stayed motionless, the pain was more of a deep ache but it was impossible to relieve no matter how I tried to shift.  If I tried to rock ever so slightly forward, the pain on my clit was blinding.  So, I chose the lesser of two evils in my opinion and kept the pressure more focused on my back side.

He only stayed on the treadmill a few minutes.  So, all in all, I was on the horse probably no more than fifteen minutes, but it was more than enough to know that it will never make my list of favorites.  It IS a torture device for a reason!

I've read stories of women riding it for close to AN HOUR and I'm sure the goal will be for me to spend longer and longer on it.  But I can't even imagine, because after experiencing only fifteen minutes...that little bone in my backside (the one extends down between your checks and divides your body in half) was still sore three days later!!!   

It was so sweet and caring the way He lifted me off the horse and cradled my aching body, until my shaky feet stood firmly on the floor.  I only wish I could say this was the point that He forced Himself on me, making mad passionate love to me, or hell, even forced my head down on His cock.

But that is not the case.  Instead, I found myself kneeling beside the treadmill with a rope attached to the clovers.  As He continued on walking, He held onto the rope, tugging my nipples with each stride.

And we won't bother to talk about the hour and a half cock worship after that.

Let's just say, I was thankful for sleep, even if I did go without.


  1. Hi lg, I sometimes want to ask you the same question. Not judging in any way but trying to understand your journey and what motivates you to further your submission. Reading your posts triggers some strong feelings which I find difficult to process. I'm sure that I would fail if I was to be taken down this path. It's not likely to ever happen but I am fascinated by your journey. DtBHC.

    1. You know what DtBHC...I am so glad you commented on this. I think sometimes, when I post something pretty intense, people aren't sure what to say so they don't say anything. But I appreciate your willingness to be honest about your reactions to it.

      I started to type a quite lengthy reply but if you don't mind, I may actually answer your thoughts in another post.

  2. Hey LG, I read this just before heading out for a meeting this morning. Geeezzzee Louise. Couple of thoughts: 1) Does Heron have mice helping him build this shit because he did it PDQ; 2) How big is your closet because it sounds like Mary Poppin's carpet bag, he just keeps pulling this stuff out of it; 3) Does it have a lock because in my house my kids would have found that stuff (not that any of it would fit in my closet to begin with because it's so freaking small). Actually, I think they were snooping around recently and found our toy box but that's a story for another day. Okay, enough about me, let's talk about you. You deserve a huge pat on your back for not only consenting but surviving the whole ordeal. Your implicit trust is beautiful. BTW, please post some G-rated pics of the new contraption. Hugs

    1. LOL...SGT! Your comment cracked me up:)

      We'll work on getting a pic soon. We do have two pretty big closets in our room so yes, stuff just keeps stacking up in there. I actually have a pretty funny story to share about that closet, because it doesn't have a lock. The horse can easily be explained as something else but it was the cross that we got busted on. I'll save that for a post because it's actually a pretty funny story. At this point, I'm pretty sure my kids think we are nothing short of freaky!!

      You'll have to share your story about the toy box though:)

      Thank you for the pat on the back. I do feel like I earned it that day. But you're does take a huge amount of trust. It took alot of years for me to get to that point though.

    2. Ok I just busted a gut when I read the comment about the kids thinking you guys are freaky. Like you said to me, they will grow up knowing that their parents loved each other and them rather then coming from a broken home. It will register some day. :-)

    3. changed your name!! Good for you. I love it!!

  3. wow! my first reaction was that of PAIN!!! and then fear because my Master had just been looking at one of these recently..and im not sure i can do that! ....but i wil because He will want it and i will want to give it....damn damn damn!!!!
    and i agree whole heartedly with the reply above and anxiously await your replies lol thank you for all your courage to share

    1. Thank you, slave guenivere. If my experiences, good or bad, can help even just one person...then it's well worth it. So just know that if your Master does require this of you, you will be able to do it. And while it's not fun, it is manageable as long as it isn't done for too long.

  4. Sorry I missed this post!

    Ouch!!! But you did it! Seriously, you are the woman!

    1. So glad you found it! Yes...seriously...ouchie! What was funny is that he was going to have me do it again a few days later but he had a cold. Now I have a cold so I'm spared a little while longer:)