Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pulled in All Directions

For the moment, I have the house to myself.  Heron is fishing, the girls are off getting their hair done, and I am thoroughly enjoying some peace and quiet.  After being sick, the house is long overdue for a cleaning so I'm working on that along and along. Plenty of things to do but I just can't get last night off my mind.  Maybe I need a cold shower.   

After almost a month of complete chastity, you can imagine my excitement when Heron told me to take off my clothes and kneel in the center of the bed.  Beaming from ear to ear, it  might as well have been Christmas morning!
Kneeling with legs slightly spread, my wrists bound behind my back.

Rope...attached to the cuffs on my ankles, secured to the far corners of the headboard. 

My upper body lays back, shoulders pressed against the mattress, back arching, tits pointing to the ceiling.  

Rope...attached to the cuffs on my wrists, slides underneath me, secured to the center of the footboard.

My folds instantly lay open like a flower, completely exposed, throbbing with anticipation.

Nipples standing erect, longing to be touched.  Smaller rope...attached to each one, secured to the far corners of the headboard, pulling them up and away from my body. 

More rope. Thicker, coarser rope now wrapped around my neck, also tied to the headboard.

Everything pulled tight. I lose myself, finding comfort in the discomfort it brings, wondering what will be His next move. 

The dildo glistens with my saliva, parting my lower lips, filling the ache between my legs. 

The wand buzzes wildly on my clit, pressing and rotating, driving me to the edge almost instantly.

Pulling away just in time, He encourages my body to follow, taunting and teasing me with words.  

Half of my body, squirming and desperate to move those few inches, seeking to find the source of pleasure.  The other half, fighting against the bonds that hold me.  

Nothing matters except the greediness that consumes me, the ultimate desire to fill the emptiness and quench the fire.

 Finally finding what I need so badly, I ride the torment and the explosion seems to never end.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words...


  1. Such a lucky Little Girl. Sounds like it was an amazing night. Hugs.

    1. This has been quite the weekend! On one hand I feel lucky, on the other, I am exhausted and hurting all over. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend:)


    2. Remember when I said you were a rock star?? Well you are a super rock star. So glad to hear you are feeling better, you certainly needed your strength between the treadmill and that rope menagerie. Have a great week. :-)

    3. Awww...thanks SGT:)

      Have a great week too!!

  2. Wow, you're a contortionist. I don't think my body ever could fold like that!