Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Moment of Glory

Gosh, I had been so incredibly aroused the last couple days.  You know the kind...horny to the p0int that it's painful for your jeans just to rub you the wrong (or maybe right) way.  I had been doing some research, I won't say about what just yet, but it hadn't gotten me in quite a state.  Of course, Daddy always knows when I'm like this.  Sometimes He cares, sometimes He doesn't but either way, I don't dare make a fuss about it.  I simply greet Him the same way I do every day when He gets home, with a kiss and by saying I am available for your pleasure.  Maybe it's the inflection or tone in my voice that gives me away.  

Last night, being that it was late once again by the time we made it up to bed, I asked if I could be of service, assuming that He would just request my assistance in some relief.  Much to my surprise, after spending some time using my mouth on Him, He ordered me to get undressed and get on top of Him.  Almost immediately after I had slid myself down on His cock, He pushed me off and told me to turn around and ride Him, facing the other direction. I guess this would be considered the "reverse cowgirl position", which we almost never use.  Not only does it just feel awkward like trying to write left handed, but I much prefer the closeness of being face to face. Honestly, I think He prefers it that way too.  

While it wasn't exactly what my greedy pussy was hoping for, it was obvious she was enjoying all the same as spanked me with a piece of rope He found in the bedside drawer while reminding me that my only job was to jerk Him off my pussy.  Pssst....just a little word of caution...getting spanked with rope really hurts!!

When Daddy was satisfied that He had made up for missing a couple days of maintenance spankings, He told me to get on my back.  As He pressed Himself down on top of me, He snaked His arm up between the bed and my back. Latching onto a fistful of my hair, He took what He wanted and gave me a bit of what I needed so badly.

Afterwards, as I was cleaning Him, He asked if I had enjoyed my few minutes of glory.  

Yes...Yes...I most certainly did and I am pretty thankful because I have a feeling He isn't feeling quite as generous today.  

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