Friday, November 21, 2014

Opposite Sides

It amazes me how Daddy and I literally have spent pretty much our entire marriage sleeping on opposite sides of the bed.

Neither of us, particularly me, was the type to snuggle and fall fast asleep wrapped up together. I couldn't do it.  It felt smothering, hot (and not in a good way), and downright uncomfortable on my neck.  I remember having discussions with other couples and often admitted that we liked having a king sized bed because it was almost like sleeping alone. He had His side and I had mine.  Once in a while, we maybe snuggled for a minute, usually on His side, but it wouldn't take long before I was scooting back over to my side.       

Now in all fairness, we have always had a little one around the house climbing into bed with us.  This pretty much started on day one of our marriage since we were raising His son from a previous marriage. 

It didn't take long for us to decide that since we were already raising one child, we might as well start adding to our family. And while we have gotten some things right in parenting, the sleep thing has never been one of them. 

It's so easy to "give in" that first time they are scared or sick and want to sneak into your bed for comfort. We finally learned, what starts out as a weak moment on your part, has now just become law to your child. 

With each subsequent child, I swore the bad sleeping habits wouldn't start...somehow it did anyways.  I won't throw Daddy under the bus here but He does have quite a soft spot, particularly for His daughters. And honestly, while aggravating at times, this is one of the things I find most endearing about Him.

Now our youngest is finally turning the corner with her sleep issues and I am loving it.  Most nights now, for the first time in our lives, we have the bed to ourselves...ALL NIGHT!  And I don't take one single night for granted anymore.  My absolute favorite part of the day is climbing in the bed and seeing His arm already outstretched, waiting for me to nestle into His shoulder and fall asleep.


  1. oh I love it when he stretches out his arm with that expectation that I'll snuggle up into his shoulder! We call it the Accio Slave command :D

    1. Haha...I had to look up what Accio meant:) Makes perfect sense!!

  2. Our youngest used to sleep with his head on mine and his feet on dad's head...It was terrible, lol.

    It's so awesome when your bed becomes yours again!!

    1. I know all too well the horizontal sleeper! That was my oldest. Our youngest just tries to bury herself under your body!

      Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving holiday!!