Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Spinning a Yarn

Back a few weeks ago, Heron implemented a set of new expectations, we'll call them long-term temporary expectations. I might have mentioned this in other recent posts but I haven't given too many specifics about what these expectations entailed.

Well, one of them is to provide Heron a story.  But not just a story...a story every week.

I have mentioned how THIS is not my favorite thing to do, right?

So naturally, I should become better and more at ease with it if I do it every week I suppose.

The one thing I have learned while trying to adapt to this expectation and the process of developing each week's story is why the whole darn thing is so difficult for me.  Yes, I am somewhat shy and worry that my story will be "uninspiring", but more importantly, I realize how different we fantasize.  And that's what makes coming up with fodder for a story so difficult.

Heron has an amazing imagination.  You read about it in the some of our scenes that I have shared  here in my blog.  And to Him, fantasies are meant to be the same way.  He creates this elaborate story in it's entirety, in His head.  There's a beginning, an end, a plot (well kinda like a bad porno maybe...haha!)  Details are so very important to Him, so that the scene and characters take on a life of their own.

I, on the other hand, got nothin'.  I'm not creative...not imaginative.  I am purely an analytical thinker.  And this is where we differ and why I lack in the whole "story-telling" business.  I don't need specifics or details.  When I fantasize, it's only a scenario.  There's no story, just an image in my mind of what is happening.

So, I guess this gap between our imaginations is why I struggle to meet His expectations.  It's pretty bad that I have to do research to enhance these abilities.

The first week was a tale of blackmail and forced servitude.  Good topic, bad execution.

The second week was only slightly better with a tale of being gang banged in a bar.

But tonight...what will tonight's story be?  I have not a clue, yet!

Suggestions certainly welcomed:)


  1. Well with Thanksgiving around the corner, shoot for a sadist pilgrim or puritan. Forget the Scarlet Letter, how about the Scarlet Bottom instead?

  2. So how are the bedtime stories going? Did you come up with some other fun topics for you and Him? With your first 2 stories, were those topics you though would be of particular interest for Him :) - AAF4Us

    1. They are gong ok. I was hoping this might be a short lived thing but apparently it's not going away any time soon. Really the topics always revolve around one general theme. The location and characters may change but it's always about some form of use, degradation, and helplessness.

      Hope you have a great weekend:)

  3. If you are still writing stories, an updated version of little red riding hood might work for you.

    1. I am still writing/telling stories. In fact, I am working on one that Heron has put together in a series of pictures to help me build the kind of storyline he is particularly interested in.

      A little red riding hood theme, you say. Well, it would certainly be appropriate for incorporating wolfie into a story. LOL!