Saturday, March 30, 2013

24/7 D/s in our 24/7 Vanilla Life

For those of you who have been reading my blog, you might have started to pick on the fact that my Master and I have a pretty busy family life.  It is so difficult at times to focus on our relationship when we are pulled in different directions by so many different variables.  I am sure others of you face this challenge as well.  Have you ever been to the point of frustration and just really have to laugh at how comical it all is?

There is nothing that can take you out of the proper frame of mind like getting your ass spanked in the closet only to be interrupted with a knock at the door followed by..."Mom!  Will you come help me with my homework?"  Now, please don't think that our kids can hear what is going on or that we would ever do anything with them in close proximity.  My Master has figured out which implements are more quiet for situations such as this.   

The switch is one such implement that delivers quite a sting with almost no noise at all.  Also, if he feels that my tits need punishment but we aren't in a situation that allows for a true spanking, he will use what's called a "silent spanking". For those of you that haven't experienced this, it is Capsaicin cream (arthritis pain relief).  The first time He spread this on my nipples, I didn't feel anything at first and thought to myself "what's the big deal?".  HOLY COW, about 10 minutes into sitting down at the dinner table, I wanted to come out of my chair when the sting hit me!  The intense burning will last about about 20 minutes.  Quite an effective tit spanking and He never touched me and nobody around us knew any better. 

Our little "secret" makes it all more exciting!

Even though our household situation limits the amount of physical contact we have at times, I work hard to focus on my overall demeanor making sure that He knows I am still thinking of Him and my submission all the time. 

I would be interested to hear how you incorporate your D/s lifestyle into family life...  


  1. This I know... 24/7 vanilla life as a frame for 24/7 Ds life can be so frustrating.

    1. We have learned not to really "plan" anything...just to enjoy the opportunities when they present themselves.