Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baring My Soul

10 things Master could do to humilate me…and some of them I’m sure he will do

·         Make me expose myself in public

·         Call me “Cow” or any other demeaning nick name in front of someone

·         Make me lick dildos clean

·         Expect me to call him Master or sir in front of others or making me call him “Daddy”

·         Make me confess BDSM lifestyle to family

·         Allow others to hear what is going on behind closed doors

·         Speaking to me in a way that insults me

·         Wearing a sign of ownership (ie. Collar) in public

·         Make me ask permission to do everyday activities

·         Doing a scene in front of other people, being forced to have sex with someone else,
or being dominated by someone else

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