Saturday, March 9, 2013

Breaking Through

Last night, Master and I enjoyed an evening out.  He instructed me to dress appropriately (as much as I could with it being cold).  I have to admit, I was pretty proud of my choice which was jeans and a purple sleeveless tight fitting top that had a cut out exposing my cleavage.  Master was pleased! He did let me wear a very thin black shrug to keep me a little warm getting in and out of the car.

While at dinner, he ordered me to remove the shrug and sit with my back arched.  This part was really no big deal.  We sat, talked, and enjoyed our food.  He also ordered me couple of drinks appropriately named the "Fruit Loopy" which helped ease my insecurities.  Before leaving, I was tasked to walk to the bathroom and back.  I didn't even need to look down to know that all the guys at the bar were getting a great glimpse at my nipples pushing far out of my top. 

On the way home, Master had me remove my shirt and put on just the shrug with the two ends in front tied at my navel, leaving everything exposed.  The only thing covered was my back, shoulders, and just enought material to cover my tits.  He turns a different direction from home which makes me very nervous.  We pull up in the parking lot of a store we all know and love, and decides we are going in for a stroll.  OH GOD....I look down and see so much skin, realizing that the material was so thin you could see through it, and my nipples were pointing out for the world to see but I follow Him in regardless. 

Master was very thoughtful about not taking the main aisles of the store so we don't really pass too many people.  We get to an area in the back of the store and while standing waiting on him, he has me undo my top and expose my tits completely.  What had seemed impossible to do, I actually did and He was very happy.  Of course, no one was around so that helped until I looked up and realized, I had just bared my tits in front of a security camera.  Oh well...lucky night for the nerdy security guy!


  1. Thanks for the email. i have enjoyed the blog so far. Your experience last night left me panting for breath. The thought of you baring your breasts. i would have felt helpless and like such a slut. It makes me hot thinking that maybe you were like that too.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post!! I did feel slutty and helpless but most of all relieved to be over that hurdle.

  3. little girl,

    It sounds to me like you are happy to have done what your Master wanted. As I told you before, if you trust your Master and let go of your insecurities, he will protect you even as he pushes your boundaries.

    A good Master should be doing that for you. It will make you pliable, yielding and yearning for more.

    You are a good little girl for heeding my direction.

    Master Rick

    1. Thank you Master Rick. Yes, it did make me happier and I have been much happier since as well. I do have a question for you and have gotten permission to email.

  4. Glad you switched to blogger. Liked the post. Good insight from a subs mind. I would liked to know how it made you feel from an emotional stand point.

  5. Master Al,
    I was feeling a bit...hmmm...sounds like an idea for another blog post:) Thanks for the idea.