Saturday, March 9, 2013

Calm after the Storm

       Last night was intense but today, I feel calm. Started the morning with a blow job and by lunch we were back in the bed again. Master ordered me to lie with on the bed with my legs spread and hand clasped behind my head. Knowing this allows him full access to my body, my pussy instantly started burning with desire before he even put his hands on me. There is something hot about being so exposed to him. The longing only intensified when he turned me so that my head was hanging slightly off the side of the bed, again with my legs spread wide but my hands clasped behind the small of my back. He stands beside the bed and easily slides his cock in my throat while being able to pull my nipples and spank my pussy. I am finding that my body is responding quite well to this type of attention. He loves when my lips spread wide open in response to him.
      Thankfully, we finally had sex…seems like forever since I had Master’s cock inside me. Fortunately or unfortunately (don’t know which), I seem to be getting pretty hot while writing this. Guess we will see what Master has for me next!

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