Saturday, March 9, 2013

My First Time

I was on the edge all day long thinking about what was going to happen. The nipple rings I had worn all day kept me extremely horny making the idea of training easier. I only hoped that if I did well, Master would let me come as I hadn’t since Monday and was aching to release.
Once training started, I was a little more scared than I had been earlier. Stripped naked with only my collar, I was facing the wall the way Master positioned me as he told me what was coming. As he whispered in my ear in his commanding tone, my nipples hardened and my breath quickened.
First, it was a little light flogging to get the blood flowing. Then Master introduced me to the cat-o-nine tails. Since it was my first time, he wasn’t too hard on me. A little sting but it wasn’t too bad. As he commanded me to turn around, I was much more fearful. My heart beat heavily in my chest knowing that he was about to spank my tits. I am terrified of having my tits whipped because my nipples are SO sensitive. Then the flogging began, first lightly and then harder. As hard as I tried, I failed to keep my composure. Tears instantly sprung to my eyes when it clipped my left nipple and then again on the right. Thankfully, Master realized I had been pushed far enough.
Coming soon…part two of my first training session.

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