Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day One

      Well, Hello everyone. I am very new to this whole building a website/blog so please be patient as I work through all of this! Anyways, you can call me little girl, which is my Master’s pet name for me. We have been married for over 17 years, have 3 kids, both have full time jobs, and are trying to make our Master/slave relationship work in between. My Master/husband always had tendencies towards domination and we have experimented along the way. I have always wanted to please others and even derived a certain amount of pleasure from some pain. Basically, it was OK as long as it was my idea. Well, our marriage definitely needed a change in pace so I made the choice to submit myself.  Nine months have gone by at this point and all I can say is some days are good and some days are not. I was given an assignment at the start of the year to start a blog so here I am. I am hoping that my experiences might help other submissives in their day to day life…and maybe help me. My role does not come without some personal sacrifice and struggles. I look forward to writing and hopefully getting to know some of you.

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