Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ecstasy through Agony: My Love/Hate Relationship with Clamps

Master's favorite pair...of clamps I mean!

Ever have that experience when something is so brutally painful, but your Master reaches down between your legs and you just know that your body is about to completely betray you?

This is my relationship with clamps...specifically clover clamps.  These are amazing little torturous devices.  I can't even begin to describe the agony when these are pulled or weights are added, but even that doesn't come close to the intensity of pain when the blood rushes back into your nipples once they're removed.

Assuming these are used during play (I am not going to claim that I enjoy these during punishment), wth the right kind of stimulation, it is amazing how my body reacts.  I no longer feel the pain but just intense pleasure. 

What I find most interesting is that in my previous "vanilla" life, having my nipples played with was completely unstimulating.  Now, just the slightest pinch on my nipples from my Master sends spasms all the way down to my pussy.

By the way...tweezer clamps with the little bell on the end are my favorite!  What's your favorite?




  1. I'm a clothespin kind of gal. Love them. My Dom makes me wear alligators under my outfit when we go out sometimes. Don't like those as much.

    1. I used to dread the clothespins. Since my Master likes the clovers so much, I am definitely more thankful when he opts for the clothespins! I haven't tried alligators.

  2. Do you plan to post more pics of your tits decorated with clamps? Sorry...I am a man! I can't help but ask.
    It is interesting that you didn't find manipulation of your nipples stimulating prior to your entry into submission. Why do you think that is? You mention that now when your Master pinches your nipples you feel it down in your pussy. Do you react that way to other instances of pain?

    1. Sir, thank you for your post and you pose really good questions. To answer why I don't think my nipples responded the same is probably simple. My body craves more intense stimulation and control which is probably what I subconciously wanted all along. It's as if my body is on high alert at all times. And yes, my pussy does react to other instances of pain. Even if the pain to me isn't necessarily enjoyable, my pussy always responds with wetness. My Master finds this extremely pleasing.

      Now your question about the picure...funny you should ask. One of my assignments this weekend is to post another picture. I don't know if my Master has it planned for clamps to be part of it but I encourage you to check back in later this weekend!