Saturday, March 16, 2013

What is Your Motivator?

This has been a week of self reflection for both my Master and i, mainly evaluating where we are, where we want to be, and how to get there. 

Maybe because we have been together so long in a "vanilla" relationship,  compliance is not  something that comes easy for me at all.  Also, as an Aries, i am extremely head strong and stubborn. Tempering my tendencies to "do things my way", argue, question, roll my eyes, and pout has been a real challenge.  i know i made a great deal of progress this week, so much so it took Master by surprise.  See, the other thing about Aries is that we strive to succeed in all that we do.  For the first time, i actually crawled to him without being instructed to.  I know it sounds like nothing...but trust me...this was a BIG step for me. 

However, i know there is still a ways to go in my overall growth and service.    i think Master is working on plans for some intense training which is both exciting and scary!  i have no idea what to expect but i can't wait to keep you all updated:)

One of things Master and i talked about earlier in the week was my motivation. i don't need much but i do need approval and tend to lose focus and drive to do or be better if i feel that my service and accomplishments go unnoticed. i don't know if that is right or wrong but i think we all need motivators.  What is yours?


  1. little girl,
    I'm just like you. I need approval. I HATE to disappoint. I think that is my real motivator. I don't like for anyone to be disappointed in me.

    1. Hana, are you a Type A personality like I am? :) good to hear that i am not alone in needing approval. For me, it is pretty much that way in all my relationships. Like you, I hate feeling that I have let anyone down. I am posting later today on another motivator I stumbled upon this weekend;)