Sunday, March 24, 2013

Whip It or Whip it Good!

I receive spankings for many things.  It may be punishment, maintenance, or in some cases, just because Master feels like it.  Of course, the nature of the spanking usually determines the level of pleasure associated because if it is punishment related, I will not enjoy it because it's meant only to be corrective.

Let's talk about the actual instrument of choice.  I have been spanked with all sorts of items, including but not limited to these below due to my Masters endless imagination of spanking implements! 
Wooden Spoon
Plastic Spatula
Leather Belt
Riding Crop
Metal Coat Hanger

Admittedly, the coat hanger ranks very high on the list of my least favorite, but my Master reserves this for the most rare severe infraction due to it's intense nature.  The pain delivered goes beyond a sting and is so intense, even without much force applied, is felt very deep in the butt muscle.

Now, the loopy, which in our case is a homemade devices of looped cables is my all time least favorite.  When given the choice, I take the coat hanger over this little device.  It's like I can feel all 3 loops hitting my ass indiviually.  Not to mention, I sported nice looped shaped bruises for several days! favorite is THE RIDING CROP!!  I love the short little slap this delivers and I almost get giddy with excitement as soon as I see Master pull this out.  Chance are, my ass isn't the only thing that is getting spanked when he uses the riding crop.  He can easily redirect his blow to reach in between my legs, driving me wild with each slap to my pussy.

Any thoughts or comments on spanking or those objects used to deliver a such a good ass warming?


  1. So you like spankings on your pussy? Are you able to cum while your pussy is being spanked?

    1. Yes Sir to both your questions but typically, Master stops before i get to that point.