Saturday, March 9, 2013

Break Out Those Kneepads

Sorry I have missed writing lately. As with most families this winter, I have been battling my fair share of illness. Master was kind enough to take it very easy on me the last couple of weeks but now that I am recovering, it will surely be business as usual.
This last couple of weeks, I realized one thing I missed most about my submission was being on my knees. Why you ask? As a slave, being on your knees is a position you find yourself in most often. Not only do Masters love to see their pretty little slaves at their feet but this position is used in all sorts of situations. Whether it be for discipline, training, or simply pleasing Master’s cock, being on my knees makes me feel exposed and vulnerable.
So why do you like being on your knees?



  1. I love being on my knees because it makes me fell so submissive, which is what I want to feel even if I am not acting like I do. It also makes me feel vulnerable. And I love the feeling of love and adoration of Him that it gives me as well.

    1. Hi and welcome to my blog!

      I am so glad you commented on this post. I haven't read it in quite a while since it was one if my firsts.

      I do love being on my knees for exactly the reasons you started. Sometimes when I feel myself struggling, assuming that position, puts it all back into perspective.

      Hope you continue to read and enjoy! I see that your have a blog as well. I want to take a look when I get home today:)